What are your final thoughts on the 3DS era?

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User Info: Salocool

7 months ago#11
themegaman7 posted...
Best handheld ever made bar none and the first console to be able to stand on par with the almighty Snes and PS1. It's that good.

3DS had no masterpieces, GB/GBC/GBA had more than a handful. Mmm...
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User Info: Ludorff

7 months ago#12
3DS have it's weaknesses, but for many reasons (most what TreasureHunterG said), I think it's the best nintendo handheld ever. For exemple, Game Boy Advance (my second favorite) had weak points too. The original GBA had the perfect shape but a badly lit screen. Only 6 millions units out of the 80+ millions GBA sold had the later 101 bright screen that most people seek nowadays. Back in the GBA era, I did not play much of it because of it's screen.
Now if we speak strictly about games, maybe it's true that the GBA had more original masterprieces, but the fact that a 3DS can play games of every period of time improves it's value a lot. And 3DS original games are good enough if we talk about the big first party titles. More than enough great choices for the time I have to play them.

User Info: TinyTim123

7 months ago#13
I liked it.
I think it might be the last generation of gaming systems that will have the kinds of games I actually like, unfortunately. The stuff on the Switch is mostly not for me. Sony isn't going to have another portable. This might be the end for me.
The PS2 / original XBox / Game Cube was the last generation where I liked the games on home consoles.
Up until recently, the portable systems had games like that. With the Switch... it's trying to be like more recent home consoles, and that's not for me, so I will have nostalgia for the system for some time until I quit gaming altogether because there's nothing I like any more.
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User Info: Gargomon251

7 months ago#14
"Was"? Oh so they discontinued 3ds now?
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User Info: Milennin

7 months ago#15
It was fine, but I prefer the DS era over it. I wish they'd never gone for 3D and instead focused on higher screen resolution. The screen is just so bad to play in 2017. It was bad back when it came out, but now it's simply unacceptable.

User Info: Azardea

7 months ago#16
Incredibly underpowered, and missed some games from the DS era such as Castlevania.
Still great, of course.

User Info: shotgunheadshot

7 months ago#17
PSP has better graphics for most of its games ever made I don’t care what anyone says. Nintendo dropped the ball in the graphics department. They should have made the 3ds with a better graphics card chip or whatever they call that.

User Info: SuperSuikoden

7 months ago#18
Not amazing as the DS but still good.
DS was had better and more titles in its library .
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User Info: ecylis

7 months ago#19
Great library awful console

User Info: Gogo726

7 months ago#20
Very slow start but things got better. After I got tired of the games I got at launch, I went back to DS games I missed out on while waiting on OoT3D. I experienced 999 during this time, so I guess it wasn't all bad.
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