Pokemon Game Card doesn't load, but Pokebank reads it

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User Info: Tayllus

5 months ago#1
I have this Game Card of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for about an year and half and it used to work just fine, but after some time I didn't played it anymore. I was going to pick it up again these days and when I tried to load the game, the message in black appears An error has occurred. Hold down the POWER button...
I searched for almost every solution available on the internet.
Tested on my other 3ds - didn't load
Tried to load the game offline - nope
Deleted the extra data in the SD card so I could redownload the updates - nothing
Cleaned both the cartridge slot and game card with isopropyl alcohol - nothing again
I even opened the cartridge to try cleaning it better - Nada

Then, I wanted to check if at least the 3DS would recognize the game, so I went to the pokebank using the AS and the 3DS reads it. I can move pokemon freely between game card and pokebank and it works just fine.
If the cartridge was damaged, I guess the pokebank wouldn't read it, right?
Does anyone know anything of this? :S

User Info: Tayllus

5 months ago#2
Forgot to mention, but all my other games are working. It is just the Pokemon AS

User Info: ObtuseAngina

5 months ago#3
Are the contacts clean on it? maybe give them a cleaning with some rubbing alcohol.
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User Info: Salogy

5 months ago#4
I recommend moving all your Pokemon off the game card. Your old game card may be showing it's age and needs to be replaced.
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