What 3DS themes do you have and which one is your favourite?

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User Info: Bistro2

4 months ago#1
I like the Squid Sisters one. The music is splendid!
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User Info: iMURDAu

4 months ago#2
Let's see I paid for:

Jumping Mario
SMB Famicom boxart
Green Camo Mario (have faceplate)
Xenoblade: Monado, the one with the Bionis Leg daytime music
Sega Genesis
Dr. Wily begging for mercy
Smash #2 the one with the white background and silver lines (have faceplate)

Free ones I have in rotation:

Samus Returns
Zelda 30th
MH4U Weapon Gallery


Mega Man vs. Wily because it has all the bosses and the catchy "continue / password" music.
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User Info: waterdeepchu

4 months ago#4
I use the one I got with Super Mystery Dungeon.
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User Info: BlueBoy675

4 months ago#5
bungiefan posted...
I have a Danganronpa 2 one that is really nice and is usually set on my screen when the Shantae and Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator ones aren't.

Got a lot of nice ones from here:


How does that work exactly?
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User Info: CyberDragon10K

4 months ago#6
Zelda 30th Anniversary from My Nintendo and the regular Breath of the Wild themes are very nice.
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User Info: Quill

4 months ago#7
I have a lot of themes.

Super Mario Odyssey around the world
Breath of the Wild: A New Adventure, and Breath of the Wild: A Wide World
MyNintendo themes 1,2, and 3
All 4 Yo-kai Watch themes
All Ace Attorney themes

I think I'm going to soon get MyNintendo 4 and 5. I may also get Mario Happy Holidays from mynintendo if I have enough coins.

As for my favorite... I'd say it's probably Basic: Black.

User Info: roseybjb

4 months ago#8
I have 28 themes on three 3ds, my favorite one is steven stone pokemon. wish they make some dragon ball themes for NA

User Info: TinyTim123

4 months ago#9
I have the Gurumin one where the characters are marching. I'm not sure what it's called.

I don't know if it has music or not, I don't ever turn the volume on my system on. It looks nice, and I really enjoyed Gurumin (albeit on PSP), so I paid for it.
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User Info: Rango

4 months ago#10
All-time favorites:

Espeon and Umbreon
A Link Between Worlds
Metroid: Samus Returns
Star Fox Zero

Seasonal Favorites:

Ashley's Halloween
Mario's Happy Holidays
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