Might be a dumb question but

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User Info: cloud_hopper

4 months ago#1
If I transfer data from the default 2gig to a 32 using a pc am I at risk of losing anything? For example, I have quiet a few hours into ultra moon and don't want to lose it
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User Info: MonarchPoopos

4 months ago#2
pretty much yeah, you need to choose the online option not the pc one

User Info: ranran-001

4 months ago#3
won't lose anything, just copy and paste.

User Info: shinyspheal

4 months ago#4
both answers are correct, but they are for different things entirely, Monarch's is for System transfers, which he/she might be talking about because you used the word "transfer" specifically. If you DO want to do a System Transfer, then yes, use the PC option, online is slow and often goes wrong.

Now, Ran's answer is much straight-forward, and probably for what you want, just upgrade your SD card, just pop it on your PC, copy all and paste it on your new SD card, or if you don't have 2 SD slots, first copy it all into your PC, and then your new SD card, pretty simple stuff.

Here are some tips to minimize things going wrong.

-Always copy and keep things safe until you are sure you have things in up and running, I've seen tons of people assume things go smoothly, they delete all things immediately and then regret it when they have no backup. Even when things go smoothly it never hurts to have a backup, mind you, not all games will be happy with backups, most notably Pokemon or Animal Crossing, if you only care about these, then don't do any backups, they won't do anything.

-Check your SD card properly, there are free tools for this online, some SD cards are fake or can get corrupted easily, better be safe than sorry.

That's actually it, I've had some both good and nasty experiences with SD cards on the 3DS, it's really simple once you understand it, but it can get ugly when you don't take the right precautions. any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
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User Info: Salogy

4 months ago#5
MonarchPoopos posted...
pretty much yeah, you need to choose the online option not the pc one

I would pick the PC option. If you know what you're doing, then nothing should go wrong. System transfers are super easy, it's the people who post here who can't follow on screen directions. Just do a copy, paste, then and another copy and paste when you need to move the data over to the new SD card for the system transfer. Doing the wireless transfer leads to problems and a lot of time wasted.
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