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User Info: legefy

4 months ago#1
I was tempted a few months ago but decided against it after a friend lent me his 3ds along with fire emblem. My logic was that I'd be less inclined to get one if I'd already played some of the games I was interested in. Thing is I'm still kinda interested for bravely default/second, FE warriors (I'm not buying a switch until there's a model update) and as something to play my old DS games on. It's a pretty large investment though what with a 150£ 2ds bundle, the individual games being like 30, and an SD memory card. Could I get some opinions and recommendations?
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User Info: Evieholly13

4 months ago#2
Get a. Switch

User Info: Blayshy

4 months ago#3
Evieholly13 posted...
Get a. Switch

Give him $300 then.
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User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 months ago#4
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User Info: legefy

4 months ago#5
I'll be getting a switch as soon as whatever system revision comes out. Also if I got a 2DS I think I'll be at the 300 pounds mark by the time I pick up the games anyway XD You get spoiled when used to other systems where the games go down to around 20 after a few months
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User Info: GraphG

4 months ago#6
I think a N3DSXL or N2DSXL is still worth picking up. The DS/3DS library is very extensive. I got an N3DSXL in 2015 and have about 30 DS/3DS titles that I think are worth picking up or playing. In my opinion, a system really only needs 15-20 great games to be a great system.

I also have a Switch with about 10 games that I think are pretty good. Out of curiosity, why are you waiting for a model update? What do you think will be put into a new model that is not already there?
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User Info: McMarbles

4 months ago#7
You've certainly got a back catalog worth looking into, but don't expect more than a trickle of new stuff.
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User Info: legefy

4 months ago#8
Well it's basically just quality of life stuff I'm waiting for with the switch. I've still got the horror stories stuck in my head and even now stuff like the switch holder causing scratches on the screen and possibilities of an upgraded internal storage or something will be polished up with a new model. Even if it's just something like the black Wii u's it'd give me peace of mind.
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User Info: Gargomon251

4 months ago#10
3ds has a great library of games that can never be replicated on switch, as well as playing pretty much all DS games.

Get it.
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