How much life does the system have left?

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User Info: Azyle1

3 months ago#1
Thinking about trading mine in.

With Pokemon going to the switch and likely any new Nintendo Monster Hunter's also being on the switch if they even come out... do you think there will be any "Must-haves" on this system left?
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User Info: sockrox

3 months ago#2
I've wondered the same thing.

I feel like we don't have much left to look forward to. I have the Monster Hunter Generations 3DS that i'll likely get rid of at some point.

User Info: sumostickfigure

3 months ago#3
I imagine there won't be any more must-haves, although there might still be a few niche gems in the future.
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User Info: RhetoricalDream

3 months ago#4
Likely not too much. We might get another high-profile remake or two of older handheld Nintendo titles but I'm not expecting anything much in the way of big releases.

User Info: lali_puna

3 months ago#5
Dragon Quest XI and Radiant Historia are two upcoming "must-haves" IMO.

User Info: ScytheXero

3 months ago#6
The life is dwindling but that library of games though... I will never get rid of my systems.
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User Info: Sacred_Arfaid

3 months ago#7
Well, neither of those two games are "must haves" to me, so I doubt I could answer that question for you.

User Info: TrashPandaJedi

3 months ago#8
Nintendo focus is now on Switch so dont expect big games in 2018 though i bet 3DS will still get Pokemon. No way they just stop series where it made so much cash for them.
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User Info: Ninkobra

3 months ago#9
What I said about a year ago:

2017 will be the last good year for 3DS. (Metroid, Minecraft, M&L, FE Warriors, etc.)
2018 will be the year of stragglers, indies and belated localizations, but no big games, especially not from Nintendo. (Dragon Quest 11 could show up.)
2019 will be for the odd indie title that still thinks they can make some money on the system.

We should not be afraid that the 3DS's best times are past. We should be happy that it got so much good stuff already and I'm sure none of us have played it all.
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User Info: IrateGameFAQer

3 months ago#10
TrashPandaJedi posted...
i bet 3DS will still get Pokemon. No way they just stop series where it made so much cash for them.

if that's the logic, they wouldn't have moved to the 3DS, since if sales data available online is to be believed, they've made the most with the DS entries...and that's not even including the remakes of that gen.
"at least be grateful Nintendo isn't charging you right now." -Unknown
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