Triforce Heroes was such a waste of a Zelda

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  3. Triforce Heroes was such a waste of a Zelda

User Info: SaturnSnowman

4 months ago#1
We should have gotten another ALBW single player game (Link's Awakening remake anyone?) or a 3d game similar to OoT and MM.
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User Info: whitaker6490

4 months ago#2
Unless you have two friends who also enjoy Zelda, then it’s one of the most fun Zelda experiences they’ve ever crafted.
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User Info: lukeskywalker66

4 months ago#3
So instead a new game you'd prefer yet *another* remake of a game you've already played and can still play just fine. There's a limit to how much errant nostalgia I can tolerate before being disgusted.

Triforce Heroes is actually a pretty cool experiment in co-op as well as arcade style Zelda, both of which give opportunities for new things not generally present in Zelda games. But woe if Nintendo were to actually deviate from ALttP / OoT Zelda formulas. They might make something totally ridiculous, like an open-world game! That would be a waste of Zelda game.
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User Info: helldew

4 months ago#4
Triforce heroes was only a waste to those without friends. get friends its a lot more fun
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User Info: Shirogane03

4 months ago#5
While I loved playing it online and with my girlfriend it would have been better to be solo only.
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User Info: Radbot42

4 months ago#6
I loved tri force heroes. Wish i could have plagued it more
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User Info: Slave 1

Slave 1
4 months ago#7
TFH should be recognized as a filler release to tide people over before BOTW came out, same as TPHD and MM3D. That doesn't make it bad though. They took the engine from ALBW and applied a multiplayer twist which made it a totally new thing. I don't think it was ever meant to be groundbreaking or a landmark title. Hell they announced it like what, 4-5 months before it came out? They obviously didn't expect people to think of it as some meticulously crafted GOTY candidate. But it didn't have to be, it just had to be a fun experience. And it was, if you had friends to play it with. Pretty much an evolution of what Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures was.
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User Info: Meteordragon10

4 months ago#8
I thought the game was a blast honestly. Had more fun times than not...and it's true that for the best experiences overall, you needed to find friends to play with. I've had fun with randoms too. Not every single random was a bad experience; in fact, there were a lot of really good ones. I had to weed through and blacklist so many people though...but eventually it got to where I was only finding the types of people I actually liked. I used to run Den of Trials pretty much every night with more or less the same group, but I had to stop when we lost internet. This dude named Ganon with strange letters was someone I ran with regularly. Fun times.

The only thing that made the game not fun for me were people with vastly different opinions on what it means to have "fun".
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User Info: Radbot42

4 months ago#9
I remember making a cheer with the pom poms and people would jump in on it whenever we did something right. And it wasn't just mashing the buttons it was actually hitting the buttons in a specific pattern to make a cheer. It was fun watching people try and learn it.
Share a bag of potato chips and we all become friends!

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 months ago#10
Yes and no. I liked the game, but they should've made it more offline 1p friendly.
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