How is Minecraft?

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User Info: 6speednissan

3 months ago#1
I’m giving my 7 year old a Galaxy 3ds for Christmas, and she’s a big Minecraft fan. Is this version gimped in any way compared to the others? I’m assuming there’s probably no online battles like the other versions. Does it run and look the same as the others? I’m just curious because of the price. I’m still debating buying it.
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User Info: ParagonCrossing

3 months ago#2
yes it's very gimped
low render distance, slow down, and it's running on a lower version of minecraft
though i think the devs will be slowly updating it

anyways it's not the best version (and probably the worst version out)... but it exists and it works
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User Info: DiduXD

3 months ago#3
Game crashes if you try horseback riding.
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User Info: TheSystemFailed

3 months ago#4
I've played about 20 hours on the 3ds version so far. I've had 2 crashes during autosaves. Overall though, the game is fine. It seems to play just the same as on consoles and seems to be more like the pocket editions of the game. It has played smooth for me and I don't notice many technical issues that are game breaking, aside from the crashes. Sure, the draw distances don't match other systems, but it's very functional and has been a blast to play so far. When I say "seems to play like consoles", keep in mind I've had it on 360 and Xbox one and have put in only about 40 hours on each.
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User Info: TheSystemFailed

3 months ago#5
The touch screen is used well too. Very helpful having the 2nd screen and a constant map.
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User Info: Larpnugger

3 months ago#6
Worst version, you'd do way better on the pocket edition, it's close to the main mincrafts and has a farther draw distance than the Xbox/switch/ps3 and wiiu via render distance settings

User Info: Ninkobra

3 months ago#7
Low draw distance.

Game slows down when many things are onscreen.

I've experienced many, many crashes.

The game desperately needs customizable controls.

But it's alright, if a bit overpriced.
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User Info: Meteordragon10

3 months ago#8
I've seen some pictures here and there. It seems...a bit more low res than what I was expecting to see. Checked out a few videos and it seems alright, but the controls look like they will take a bit to get used to.

Apparently it has framerate issues at times, and due to the way it had to be built for the 3DS, it won't be getting the "better together" update. Yep, no playing with other platforms on it. Might be best to skip it and maybe just go for...probably any other version of Minecraft really.
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