working my way through ace attorney series, & is Apollo Justice canon?

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User Info: csalvi42

4 months ago#1
I know its technically ace attorney 4, but I'm curious if it sheds any light on the world, and what peoples perspectives are on the game. Worth the buy? What is good about this game?

I'm still playing original trilogy but Ive enjoyed it so much that I already purchased Duel Destiny & Spirit of Justice.

Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving!
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User Info: outworld222

4 months ago#2
It is definitely worth getting. My favorite!! Ace Attorney!!

User Info: CanibusRtJ

4 months ago#3
I'm biased as a die hard Ace Attorney fan, but it's well worth a buy...and it's definitely canon.

The game's good as it's the first *real* DS entry built from the ground up.

Story wise is a little after AJ utilized the story concepts that AJ tried to do, better.
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User Info: Mr Crispy

Mr Crispy
4 months ago#4
yes it is, but the games are typically written to minimize spoilers from previous games.
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User Info: Rygon

4 months ago#5
It sets up several ongoing storylines and major characters.

User Info: NekoZam

4 months ago#6
Yeah, it's canon. And if you already bought DD and SoJ, I'd say AJ is worth buying and playing too since Apollo has a bigger role in them. In some ways AJ-DD-SoJ is kind of an Apollo trilogy.
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User Info: TinyTim123

4 months ago#7
Sorry for topic hijack, I've already played the DS Apollo Justice. Is there anything new in the 3DS version that maybe I should know about? Is it worthwhile to get it again if I already have the cart?
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

4 months ago#8
Better graphics and maybe minor changes to the script.
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  3. working my way through ace attorney series, & is Apollo Justice canon?

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