cant delete demo icon

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User Info: KBlack2595

2 months ago#1
ok so i got another demo i didn't want or ask for when i unrap it it takes me to the eshop to download it and i can get rid of 1 icon but not both
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

2 months ago#2
from another topic "Goto that icon and touch it then cancel when it asks if you want to goto the store and then it should ask if you want to delete the icon."
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User Info: Meteordragon10

2 months ago#3
Why don't you just disable that that auto downloads stuff?

System Settings> Internet Settings> Spotpass> Automatic Software Downloads> No

What icon is it? If it is already on your screen, try...

System Settings> Data Management> Nintendo 3DS> Software>
Delete whatever title it is.

If I recall, simply trying to open the app would give you the option to delete it though, but try the above thing if it didn't work.
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