Nintendo 3DS Error during wireless use

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User Info: rsmstr

4 months ago#1
Whenever I try to use any function of the 3DS that involves wireless, the system crashes.
The error screen reads:
An error has occurred.
Hold down the POWER button to turn off the POWER, then turn it on and try again.
For help, visit

I can use every function besides anything that involves wireless. What I am asking is if there's a way to update via SD card? Put the SD card in a laptop, format it or put the most recent update on it, and put it back into the 3DS. Or is this a send into repair kind of thing? Thanks for the help.

User Info: irulethegalaxy

4 months ago#2
No way to update via SD, but if you think the SD is the problem, you can try putting in a nice fresh one to see if it can update and function that way. If there's a corruption on your card where the SD functions's possible this could happen.

I'd also consider calling Nintendo to explain the problem; much of the time they can diagnose an issue over the phone and sometimes even walk you through fixing it. If you get an agent who seems disinterested and isn't willing to try troubleshooting, try calling back because there are a few meh apples in the bunch but most of the Nintendo phone staff is really awesome.
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User Info: Meteordragon10

4 months ago#3
Just out of curiosity...does the crash occur when your SD card is not inserted?

Supposedly, you can download updates if you pass a streetpass location while in streetpass/sleep mode. I cannot confirm the validity of that though. If that's true then you should be able to download an update while in sleep mode without the use of wifi.
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