Fire Emblem: Echoes- Dead Man's Mire

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User Info: TailsDoll666

3 months ago#1
Honestly at a loss here. This map is horrible. I’m not sure how to approach this. I’ve tried luring the enemies, but that doesn’t solve the problem of the cantors and the dread fighters. Anyone else have trouble there?
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User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

3 months ago#2
I completed this on Hard not long ago. It helps that since it was my 2nd run I came prepared with 2 Dreads and all 3 Pegasus sisters promoted. Helps a ton.

Otherwise you have to take it slow and nibble away at the enemies. Have the 3 flying sisters ward off the gargoyles since they can't approach land while the archers are around.

Have your Dread go in first and try duke it out with the enemy one. Might consider putting a shield on them if they are struggling.

In the Mila Temple basement you should have gotten a Mage Ring (+2 range for magic!) and Nomah. Nomah is an extra healing hand. Equip all mages with rings for regen. Your mages can Swap the Mage Ring between each other to fire multiple long distance spells. Helps a lot while you struggle to reach.

If you haven't done so yet, forge a Killer Bow (250-ish coins to make from a Steel Bow +1 -> Silver Bow +1, consider trading in alcohol and other junk for coins) for Leon\Archer Atlas if they are used and do some encounters until they learn Hunter's Volley (2 attacks with high crit). Being able to sniper a lot of the enemies dead at range is a huge, huge help for all the next few maps.

Edit: If you found the Hexlock Shield in Alm's route it might come in handy here to halve magic damage. If you still have the 1 merchant available in the village.

User Info: Endgame

3 months ago#3
The most efficient method would be to grind up Catria, Palla, and Est so they can get you through the swampy maps with ease.

.....Welcome to 1992 NES map design. Still beats the s***ty maps Awakening and Fates gave us.
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