Are Dream Team, Paper Jam, and Sticker Star good?

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User Info: SnipeStar

3 months ago#31
sticker star was... Ok. i didn't hate it as much as a lot of other people but it was too much of a chore to 100%

dream team was great; much better experience than sticker star.

i have it, but haven't played paper jam yet lol
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User Info: Gargomon251

3 months ago#32
Endgame posted...
No. None of them are.

I was right, you do hate nintendo.

mariobro8 posted...
with nothing funny or special to save it.

You lost me.
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User Info: lukeskywalker66

3 months ago#33
Gargomon251 posted...
What are you talking about?
#6 Best Wii Game 2007
#2 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2007
#2 Most Shared Wii Game of 2007

I'm talking about SPM, the worst game to carry "Paper Mario" in the title. Why would I care how it ranks against other Wii games when I'm comparing it to other Paper Mario games, none of which are also Wii games?

The game was garbage in 2007 and it is today. Why would discussing or "sharing" the game be any evidence to the contrary? Why would the opinion of terrible critics who overlook its lousy gameplay and likely praise its "amazing story" mean anything? What if they were discussing it candidly, in regards to how bad it was?

The flip mechanic makes platforming a joke. RPG elements make platforming and non-turn based combat a joke. Making it a sidescroller exacerbates the backtracking that was already present in TTYD. Imagine if in SMB instead of dying when you fell into a pit or touched an enemy, nothing happened unless you did it 15 more times in a row. Or a hundred. And you also had a mechanic to circumvent any actually difficult platforming. That would be pretty stupid, but that's exactly what SPM is without a hint of irony. It manages to take all of the negative elements of each genre it tries to blend and none of the positives. All its design choices work against it to make it a concoction of failures.
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User Info: Gargomon251

3 months ago#34
lukeskywalker66 posted...
Gargomon251 posted...
What are you talking about?
#6 Best Wii Game 2007
#2 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2007
#2 Most Shared Wii Game of 2007

I'm talking about SPM, the worst game to carry "Paper Mario" in the title.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper Mario: Color Splash
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User Info: Feline_Heart

3 months ago#35
All of them are boring
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User Info: AkaneJones

3 months ago#36
Gargomon251 posted...
Christmas posted...
Gargomon251 posted...
Christmas posted...
and lots of original characters are just gone.

you say that as if they were in the game but got removed in development or something.

I think it's pretty clear I was referring to past titles original characters in the same series, Paper Jam is lacking compared to the funny cast of superstar saga or PM 64/TTYD

Yes but your post suggests you expected to see returning characters from previous games.

The thing is they weren't going to be in the first place. I think people are more annoyed to Paper Toadette & Paper Nabbit aren't used, or Paper Luigi, and both Toadsworth & Paper Toadsworth are MIA. This doesn't even cover half the potential for actual Mario character not created specifically for Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi.

Even then there was intentions to down play stuff, like Kamek vs Kammy probably would have lead to more interesting arguments at their alternates not being the same. The same concept could be said for the Elite Trio vs Koopa Bros. & General Guy or something like that. The pretty much had to be the same thing not why is my Paper Alternate this weird guy, even though there was comedic value in doing so.

User Info: GenerationX-Men

3 months ago#37
Miyamoto felt that Mario doesn't need two different RPG spinoffs going on at the same time, so he decided to use Paper Mario as tests for experimental gameplay.

Which really, the first Paper Mario was experimental for its unique art style at the time.
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 months ago#38
I thought Paper Jam was good. It's story is weak, but the combat is the best in the series.
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User Info: Generation_C

3 months ago#39
lukeskywalker66 posted...
Generation_C posted...
Did not play Paper Mario on Wii though.
Good. I would avoid the Wii game at all costs; it eschews turn-based combat and 3D worlds for pathetically easy 2D platforming which manages to be even worse than the platforming in the RPGs proper. There is no greater insult to the series than for Nintendo s*** out such an awful game and call it "Super."

Slightly above it in the trash heap is Sticker Star. Turn-based combat is present, but your actions are limited to consumable items (stickers.) If you use them they're gone forever, but if you beat monsters you can get money (not exp) to... buy more of them. So it's a RPG that with a disincentive for combat, making it absolutely dreadful.

Paper Jam finally has a return of normal RPG combat. Actually it's quite decent (although Paper Mario's commands can be a bit button-mashy.) That's the end of the positives. Everything else is notoriously bland like Sticker Star (it's effectively a crosover with that game) just without insufferable combat. AD listened to complaints that DT had too much story and tutorials, so they axed everything and replaced it with Toad mini-games. That's not an exaggeration.

Dream Team still has everything that made the previous M&L games enjoyable. The main complaints against it are excessive dialogue / tutorials (most of which you can just mash A through with little consequence) and gyro controls. The gyro controls only come up at two points in the game, but they can go haywire enough to become a nuisance. The trick is laying your system on a FLAT surface before they come up. Then it's not a huge issue. (They're still not exactly desirable, but they won't be flat out broken if you do it this way.)

Wow, thanks for the huge amount of details! It sounds like Super is pretty bad. But I’ve heard people say the story is pretty good for a Mario game, which intrigues me. I heard it also keeps the structure of the previous games of having different characters with a new problem for every chapter, which also sounds good. So the main issue is that the gameplay itself is awful?

That sounds like a major issue with Sticker Star but the battles seem ok, so I think it may be worth battling just for the fun factor, or are they worse when you actually play them?

Paper Jam sounds not that great, because one thing I love about Mario and Luigi games is all the different characters in them, like Fawful, Kylie Koopa, Broque Monsieur, etc. So to see that part gone is a bit worrying. I watched a Part 1 let’s play of Paper Jam to see how it is. I’m already liking that they are using the Superstar Saga battle theme, that was was awesome in my opinion. I think that in addition to the good RPG battling could make the gameplay pretty fun. So what I should get out of this is that the issue is the exact opposite of super Paper Mario, right? Bad story but good gameplay.

Honestly that doesn’t sound too bad. I havedid heard tutorials were a big problem but if you can just skip through most of them then I guess that’s fine. I usually don’t have a problem with gyro controls.

I’m really sorry I know I keep making kind of long posts, just want to make sure which is best.

User Info: LuigiFan835

3 months ago#40
Dream Team is good. Not amazing, and it does have some issues, like the tutorials at the beginning and forced gyro usage, plus I found some of the Dream Worlds to be a bit boring. But it’s not bad like some say.

Paper Jam is decent. I personally enjoyed it more than DT however it has a lot more problems, like blatant padding, annoying Toad missions, and bad Papercraft battles. It’s definitely a lot more controversial to say the least.

Sticker Star is just awful. The battle system is horrendous (not as bad as Color Splash’s battle system, but still), there is no form of experience after battles, there aren’t many interesting characters, the locations and enemies are all generic NSMB stuff, story is ass, certain puzzles have unclear solutions (and the hint system is absolutely useless), bosses are uncreative and get annihilated if you have the right sticker, and probably some stuff that I’m forgetting. For all the flaws SPM had with its core gameplay, at least the story was good and it had multiple elements of the Paper Mario series. Sticker Star has bad gameplay, bad story and characters, and is missing so much of what Paper Mario is known for.
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