Are Dream Team, Paper Jam, and Sticker Star good?

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User Info: Generation_C

5 months ago#1
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, kind of new here.

So I recently got a 3DS because I heard there were a lot of good games for it. So I got Pokémon Moon, Mario 3D Land, and Kirby Planet Robobot, but now I’m finished with all those games. Was deciding on what to get next, been thinking about these three games because I liked the past entries. Superstar Saga, Partners in Time, and Bowser’s Inside Story were all pretty fun in my opinion, and I also really enjoyed Paper Mario on gamecube and N64. Did not play Paper Mario on Wii though.

So anyway I found out they have three Mario and Luigi games on 3DS and one Paper Mario game. I have the superstar saga GBA cartridge, so no need for the 3DS version, but I’ve been looking into these other ones. Dream Team looks a lot like Bowser’s Inside Story, because it has the 2D sections and it looks like a few characters do return from that game. Paper Jam looks cool, the papercraft battles look fun, and Paper Mario’s copy abilities look cool though they seem kind of overpowered, not completely sure though. Sticker Star I have heard some bad things about. But I’ve been looking at the gameplay, seems really fun but it looks a lot different, like now Mario fights alone and uses stickers to battle. If it really as bad as some people say, them I guess I’m not really seeing the issue.

Ok so sorry for the long post, basically I liked all the old Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario games (except Super Paper Mario which I have not played) and I’m wondering if these three are worth getting. Have seen gameplay and they all look good, but would like more opinions on them. Thanks

User Info: Second_Chances

5 months ago#2
Dream Team is a pacing nightmare and the 2D segments a snore

Paper Jam has good gameplay but boring as f*** presentation unless you REALLY like Toadette or Bowser Jr.

Sticker Star's mechanics are just bad

User Info: Generation_C

5 months ago#3
Well to be honest the 2D sections in bowsers Inside Story were probably my least favorite part. They were fine usually but could get a little annoying. So I guess is not something they fixed in Dream Team? What is the problem with the pacing exactly?

Well I kind of like Bowser Jr. But Toadette I only really remember from Paper Mario on gamecube and there all she did was give you the upgrades I think. So is what you’re saying that those are like the best characters in the game?

What’s wrong with them? Is it the battling that’s bad?

User Info: SeamusOHassey

5 months ago#4
Sticker Star is a great game that is far less linear than the other Paper Mario games. It's more focused on exploration and discovery than the usual rehash of PM and TTYD. That's why most users tend to hate on it more, not saying it's perfect or anything.

Besides the Toad Missions, Paper Jam is the best one imo.
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User Info: Generation_C

5 months ago#5
Wow that actually sounds pretty cool. So you can go to the different levels any order you like? How many areas are there? Also one thing I’m wondering about this is does it make the game too easy? I know it’s completely different kind of game but when playing breath of the wild, the nonlinear stuff is cool, but each of the dungeons are too easy because they have to be easy enough for it to be your first one but by the time you beat some bosses you’re already too overpowered. Just wondering if this game has a similar problem. Do the enemies all give a similar amount of experience or are there some areas you’re recommended to go to first?

If Paper Jam really is the best out of those three then I may go for that. Are the Toad missions the only problem? Because they don’t look too bad.

Sorry for asking too many questions.

User Info: more_cow_bell

5 months ago#6
Generation_C posted...
Do the enemies all give a similar amount of experience

levels don't matter, combat doesn't matter.

User Info: hatemakingnames

5 months ago#7
They're all decent, nothing amazing. M&L tutorials and the gyro controls can be annoying, but the rest is fine. People s*** on Sticker Star a lot, but if you're not expecting it to be like other paper mario games, it's fine.
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User Info: desaigamon

5 months ago#8
I'm playing through Dream Team for the first time right now, and I'm enjoying it very much. Most people complain about the "constant tutorials," which is why I stayed away from the game at launch. I can honestly say, that while there does seem to be a lot of tutorials, they're actually not that bad. Most of the battle related ones can be skipped, and the ones you can't skip are over pretty quickly.

One thing I don't like is the Dream World. It sucks. Everything about it is just so bland. The puzzles are lame, the platforming is basic, and everything looks the same. The only good thing about it are the battles. You only control Mario, but Dreamy Luigi powers up your regular attacks and gives you access to a separate list of Bros. Attacks called Luiginary Attacks. These moves are really fun to do and kind of tricky too, which makes it so satisfying when you execute them perfectly and get an Excellent.
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User Info: Jostin1

5 months ago#9
If you have the time, consider reading through the mariowiki pages and checking out reviews on these games, as they can be helpful in answering most, if not all of your current questions along with any potential future ones.
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User Info: Mariofan15

5 months ago#10
Dream Team is.Paper Jam is also worth a playthrough.Stay away from Sticker star though.
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