Quick tech support question.

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User Info: KupoTime

4 months ago#1
My 3ds XL charge only lasts for about an hour after I take it off a charger, if I leave it on the charger it indefinitely stays active for play.

Sound like a faulty battery replacement or something else?
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User Info: Kneesock

4 months ago#2
Dying battery m8, time for a replacement. You could try firstly removing & putting back the battery if by chance the battery is just loose & causing the issue.
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

4 months ago#3
either you play your 3ds for 10 hours a day the past few years or you got a faulty battery man. my original ds still lasts at least 3 hours and that is over a decade old
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User Info: Meteordragon10

4 months ago#4
Yes, that definitely sounds like a battery replacement is in order. If you can, open up the back and see if the battery appears "bloated" (you'll have to compare it to a picture of a normal battery if you can't tell). If it does, that's a bit of a warning sign because that means your battery is filling up with gas, which in time, may end up warping the system itself if it gets enough in here. Now, the battery itself is equipped with safety measures in case this happens, so while it is a lot safer than it could be, that doesn't mean it'll always be like that. So again, look for a battery replacement on the internet if it appears that the battery is bloated, asap.
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