Best VC games?

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User Info: Darkstorm16

4 months ago#11
Burger Time was awesome too!
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User Info: VeloticDecadenc

4 months ago#12
Gargoyle's Quest - Great little action platformer for GB with some light RPG elements. Surprisingly polished for a third party GB game from 1990. If you enjoy it, the NES sequel (Gagoyle's Quest II) is also on VC, as well as the SNES follow up (Demon's Crest), the last game in the trilogy.

Mega Man V - The best classic MM game on GB, and it's probably not coincidence that it's the first wholly original one (as in, not using elements of the NES entries) as well.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe - The screen size is smaller due to being a GBC port, but literally everything else makes up for it. Has some great bonus challenge modes as well as a modified version of Lost Levels as an unlockable. It's pretty much the GBC precursor to the Super Mario Advance series.

Mario Golf & Mario Tennis - Great games that combine RPG progression with Golf and Tennis, respectively. If you've played Golf Story on Switch, the GBC versions of Mario Golf and Tennis were the inspirations for it.

Xtreme Sports - A WayForward game by the same team that did Shantae (Uses the same engine and artstyle, even). Pretty similar to Mario Golf & Tennis, only you're participating in a variety of sports, instead of just one.

User Info: BahamutBBob

4 months ago#13
Link's Awakening is great. If you have a N3DS, get Link to the Past as well, it's even better. The only VC games that I paid for, that were actually worth it IMO. (Ambassador, plus a handful of VC purchases)
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User Info: Darkstorm16

4 months ago#14
If you like Rayman you have one for the gbc
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Mario Maker: 4481-0000-0110-25DA

User Info: ebbhead1991

4 months ago#15
I second Mole Mania. Underrated action/puzzle game from Shigeru Miyamoto himself!
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User Info: SMEDIA

4 months ago#16
If you intend to get the Gameboy Zeldas, be warned that Oracle of Ages is horrible compared to Oracle of Seasons and Link's Awakening DX.
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User Info: Cocco

4 months ago#17
Clearly, it's a matter of personal tastes... For me:
-Zelda titles
-pokemon titles
-breath of fire II

User Info: Sharebear420

3 months ago#18
really hope zombies ate my neighbors comes to VC for 3ds

User Info: ecco6t9

3 months ago#19
Shining Force on Game Gear.
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