Mario Golf World Tour/Mario Tennis Open or Mario Sports Superstars?

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User Info: GenerationX-Men

5 months ago#1
How do the golf and tennis modes of Mario Sports Superstars compare to Mario Golf World Tour and Tennis Open? Which is better in terms of gameplay and graphics?
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User Info: Finn-X

5 months ago#2
Crap. Play Tennis instead.
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

5 months ago#4
World Tour is phenomenal, even for a golf game. There's lots of content in the base game and the DLC basically doubles the amount of gameplay you have for a very reasonable price. It's easily one of the best Mario spin-off games to date, and is well worth picking up. Lots of replayability with a mission mode, a short campaign, and a bunch of challenges.

Don't know much about tennis.

Superstars is rubbish though. It's five watered down games: Football (Soccer for you yanks.), Golf, Tennis, Baseball and Horse Riding.

Golf is basically the mechanics of World Tour with a third of the holes and no extra content.
Tennis is basically Tennis Open but with a few of Ultra Smash's mechanics spliced in.
Football is basically every FIFA game ever but with Mario characters and dumbed down controls.
Baseball is completely and utterly bland and I didn't spend much time on it.
Horse Riding is a fun idea but with mediocre execution (and to its credit it provides the main meat of the content) and if it had been the focus of the game rather than a compilation I think it would have received a little more polish and been a worthy game; perhaps even better than MK7.

If you want to play Golf, get World Tour. Superstars is best avoided; there simply isn't enough to justify the purchase unless you're someone who likely isn't going to care or can play games over and over like for instance a child.
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User Info: LuigiFan835

5 months ago#5
World Tour is great.

Open is ok.

Superstars is mediocre.
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User Info: RosalinaIsLove

5 months ago#6
Mario Golf World Tour and Mario Tennis Open.

Mario Sports Superstar is f***ing awful all around. The other three modes don't justify the price tag either.
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

5 months ago#7
The Golf one is the only one you should get. Actually the only Mario sports game that is worth getting is it and the two Virtual Console GBC Mario sports games.
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User Info: AuraChannelerCh

5 months ago#8
I'd so recommend any Golf or Tennis games before going through any of those three.
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User Info: StephenYap3

5 months ago#9
Mario Golf: World Tour/Mario Tennis Open, despite me having meh feelings for Open.

Mario Sports Superstars is &*#!ing awful and a disgrace to those two Mario Sports series (Golf and Tennis). That game took everything that made Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Tennis Open great (though once again, not that much for Tennis) and threw them out the window. Mario Golf and Mario Tennis on 3DS had special mini games, Mario-like elements and themed courts, and Mii customization (and are playable). Sports Superstars had neither of that and opts for lack of mini games, some of the most generic-themed courts (as well as having four different course for both Golf and Tennis, with Golf's downgraded to 9-hole courses as opposed to World Tour's 18-holes for most courses, in which there are 10 excluding the DLC that adds 6 more), and the removal of playing as a Mii. In fact, you can't even play 1-on-1 against CPU opponents in Golf Mode, which further drives the crud factor beyond the fence.

Overall, if you care less for the little-to-no content featured for each sport and want to have a bunch of sports in one package, Mario Sports Superstars is your go-to. Otherwise, stick to the individual Mario Golf and Mario Tennis games on 3DS.
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User Info: Kelystic

5 months ago#10
I really like the Maroi Tennis on the GBA
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