Well, I f***ed up. (Miiverse Shutdown related)

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User Info: ArcFan10000

4 months ago#21
Nintendo has always been against cheat devices.
They were against the Game Genie in the 80s and 90s.
The GameShark in the 2000s.
I don't hate them if they are used offline, not in an online game.
That's what killed the Sega Dreamcast online people cheating thier pants off in PSO.
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User Info: Blayshy

4 months ago#22
Meteordragon10 posted...
Solibrae posted...
BerryBob posted...
The blue dot isn't a proof that you used Miiverse?

Yeah! Think of it as a medal that proves you used Miiverse. That's what I'm going to do.
Technically My Nintendo kind of does that, so I suppose you could see it that way.

Uh... A-Are you sure to interact with others?
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

4 months ago#23
anyone remember one of the last firmware updates for wii made it so there's always 1 single message in the mailbox? That drove me up a wall, until I finally accepted it.
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User Info: NGageBro

4 months ago#24
bungiefan posted...
jimi_dini posted...
bungiefan posted...
There are ways

How about no?

Nintendo should also simply fix this mess. They wanted to save money and don't give a s*** about customers anymore.

Their developers wanted a method to prevent cheating, and console-specific save encryption is an effective way to do it. They can't disable it now because the encryption is built into the hardware path of SD card access, via a security chip that enforces the encryption. They can't just remove that hardware function. The encryption also prevents sharing of downloaded software between consoles.

So you have to use homebrew to remove the encryption or accept it and deal with not being able to have useful backups if your hardware is lost or broken.

This isn’t wrong but it doesn’t really disprove the point about Nintendo being anti-consumer
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User Info: desaigamon

4 months ago#25
VeryDarkSoul posted...
anyone remember one of the last firmware updates for wii made it so there's always 1 single message in the mailbox? That drove me up a wall, until I finally accepted it.

It's been awhile since I used my Wii, but wasn't the Play Log done in the form of a message? So if you play a game, the log would update and you'd end up with a new "message." As annoying as it was, it was completely intentional.
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User Info: bungiefan

4 months ago#26
VeryDarkSoul posted...
@desaigamon oh I see nintendo went the sony route with saves on handhelds where you have to pair a memory card to a system *shaking my head* that was the worst thing about the vita, that and the save file being part of an installed game (wtf seriously)

The memory card itself isn't paired to the system. The contents of the Nintendo 3DS folder are encrypted though, and unreadable by any other 3DS unless you do a system transfer to migrate them to a new system, which is an all-or-nothing process. Each 3DS has its own unique encryption key, which transferring migrates, and reformatting changes.

Saves also go in the installed data for a digital game, and you only have 20 slots to back up and export saves for if you uninstall them, if the game lets you do so. Not every game does.

Modders have found ways to go around those limits and get saves in unencrypted format, and you can export absolutely any save, from cartridge or digital copy.

User Info: Gunzleader

4 months ago#27
Meteordragon10 posted...
Man, I bet sooo many OCD people are gonna be bothered by this.

Well then they can cry a river.
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User Info: Finn-X

4 months ago#28
They should bring back Miiverse man. I rarely use it but it's fun to post my drawings once in a while.
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