Fire Emblem Awakening save-data question

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User Info: Maetch

5 months ago#1
I originally bought it digital. If I buy a physical copy and keep a save-data backup, will I be able to use the data with the physical copy (save games, DLC, etc.)?

User Info: RhetoricalDream

5 months ago#2
Your DLC will work with the physical copy just fine, since that's always saved to the system regardless, but your saves will not work through any official method, because the physical copy will make saves to the cartridge itself rather than the system, like the digital version would.

User Info: desaigamon

5 months ago#3
No. You can transfer saves from the physical copy to the digital one, but not the other way around. It's really stupid, but that's just how it is.
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User Info: Maetch

5 months ago#4
Hmmm... well, so long as the DLC doesn't need a second buying, I won't mind starting over. This is mostly to clear up blocks on my system.

User Info: Blayshy

5 months ago#5
Yeah, you keep the DLC you bought but not your save data.
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