what is the best way to record 3ds gameplay?

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User Info: roseybjb

4 months ago#1
I just got a 3ds stand so I could try out to record 3ds gameplay, but my tripod broke and where I live there are not that many stores that sell tripods, either there very expensive or I cannot find any in my budget. any ideas how I can record gameplay?

User Info: shinyspheal

4 months ago#2
Two ways I know, neither is that convenient, send the console to have a capture port installed, I don't know the exact details, but it is a hardware mod, it's a little expensive, but so far I've seen is the best way to record your 3DS.

The other way is to hack your console, it's far more cheap, but the quality could be either good-enough, to bad, and the sound must be recorded other ways (not that hard not expensive either), overall is not as good, but it's a nice alternative if you can't afford the other.

Aside from those two, other ways are not as good and would not be direct-feed.
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User Info: bungiefan

4 months ago#3
Capture cards cost $200+, must be soldered into the console, so they void any warranty on it, but they work with absolutely everything the system can run, and they work with original models. It is the only way to get 60 FPS on your recording.

The system modification with custom firmware to do recording requires a New system model, as it uses the extra processor speed and RAM to do the job. It is over wifi, so at best you can get 45 FPS, and most likely will get less if other wifi networks are active in your area. It also doesn't work with GBA or NDS software running on the system.

User Info: Dalkaen

4 months ago#4
I ended up ordering a capture card mod from Katsukity. It works perfectly but it's very expensive. I just ordered a brand new 3DS with the mod installed since I was nervous about sending mine off.
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