Battery Dying Causes A Corrupted Save File?

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User Info: gatsbyy

5 months ago#1
I was playing SMT4:Apocalypse the battery light turned red so I saved the game. The save went fine. I came back from the Fairy forest to the underground area. The light was flashing I explored.and checked my team data. I was not near the charging cord so I let the system die. I have done this lots of times.

I later charged my system. I turned on the system then clicked on SMT4:A and got the corrupted save file error. Meaning the save file was gone.

I have a physical copy of the game. Is this a bad copy or can letting the system die cause a corruption error? I would understand if I was saving when system died but I was not.

I lost four hours playtime.


User Info: JustWatch

5 months ago#2
Do you alternate save slots or just keep overwriting the same one?
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User Info: shinyspheal

5 months ago#3
Does the game have auto-saves? maybe that was the cause, but those cases are extremely rare nowadays, that aside, letting the system die can be harmful to the battery.
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User Info: cyberpik

5 months ago#4
I'm more astonished you got four hours of playtime on a red light.

User Info: gatsbyy

5 months ago#5
No I had four hours playing time total. A red light to the end for me gives me maybe 12 to at most 15 minutes more of playing time.
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