The last 3ds game you bought?

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User Info: badboy

5 months ago#31
My wife bought me Dragon Quest VII, Bravely Second, and Fire Emblem Fates earlier this year. But here's the funny part: I can't find enough time to finish them all.

User Info: kaliskonig

5 months ago#32
finalrush7 posted...
MH Stories.
Today is the day: Bomberman, Paper Mario, K.Rool, Wonder Red, and Goku for Smash.

User Info: JustWatch

5 months ago#33
Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy
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5 months ago#34
The last game I bought was Etrian Odyssey V.

I snagged Mario & Luigi before that, and Samus Returns before that.

Next up, hopefully Layton’s Mystery Journey.
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User Info: GameKing59

5 months ago#35
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

Have not played it yet.

User Info: itis41269

5 months ago#36
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User Info: NGageBro

5 months ago#37
DiduXD posted...
Rebought Miitopia and I'd say its better then M&L SSS. At least its not brain dead battles in Miitopia where bosses can die in in 3-4 turns(I mean M&L SSS here).

Miitopia is really repetitive and the characters themselves are nothing special. SSS is far better
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User Info: Mercenary12451

5 months ago#38
I think Fantasy Life about 2 years ago. I just recently went back to replay my 3DS games so may buy some new ones soon as well. I know I want both Pokemon Sun and Moon so need to buy them.

User Info: albertojz356

4 months ago#39
Fire Emblem echoes
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User Info: Tedmastr

4 months ago#40
I bought a spare copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf when I spotted it on sale a month or two ago. At some point, I'm hoping to make a new town to use with some Amiibo cards I picked up over the summer.

Unfortunately, real life got in the way around when I bought it, and I haven't started it yet.

My next 3DS games will likely be Pokémon USUM. I also want to get the Superstar Saga remake at some point. Not sure what else is on the 3DS's list of future games that I'll be interested in after those.
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