The last 3ds game you bought?

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User Info: PsychoWolfX

6 months ago#1
I went ahead and grabbed Samus Returns today and I have to say it felt really good to buy a new game for my favorite system of all time. I think the last retail game I had bought for 3DS was....Monster Hunter Generations back in summer of '16....holy crap.
I plan on picking up Wooly World and MH Stories at some point, but those will probably have to wait for a while.
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User Info: Richardwilliams

6 months ago#2
DQXI was the last 3ds game I bought.

Raiden V is the most recent release I have invested in.

My next purchase is going the be ghost blade hd for ps4, and Pokémon ultra S&M.
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User Info: TinyTim123

6 months ago#3
I have no idea which the last one I bought was, since I preorder several months in advance, but I most recently received Samus Returns. I probably still have at least one more title preordered.

No recollection of the order in which I paid them all off though.
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

6 months ago#4
Etrian Odyssey 5, and it is great.
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User Info: Venom3D

6 months ago#5
Retail: Metroid: Samus Returns
Digital: Gurumin (Ignoring Zen Pinball 3D, which was a My Nintendo reward)

User Info: OdaNobuna

6 months ago#6
Etrian Odyssey V.
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User Info: Mushdog

6 months ago#7
dragon quest viii off ebay. awesome game
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User Info: 15ATAC

6 months ago#8
Not every game has to come to the Switch for it to be a success.

User Info: DiduXD

6 months ago#9
Rebought Miitopia and I'd say its better then M&L SSS. At least its not brain dead battles in Miitopia where bosses can die in in 3-4 turns(I mean M&L SSS here).
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User Info: finalrush7

6 months ago#10
MH Stories. 87 hours. Better than expected.
Best 3 games of all time: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Xenoblade, Xenoblade X
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