So when will the 3DS' online be shut down?

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User Info: tvmasterdoodles

5 months ago#1
Because Nintendo doesn't know what an audience is or how to keep one. There's a reason the PS3 still has free online after all or is even connected period even with no new games whatsoever. Nintendo doesn't get how business works... yes this was expected at some point but not when the 3Ds isn't even a decade old!
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User Info: dankmana

5 months ago#2
What's more crucial is the question of how long your digital purchases can be accessed and downloaded. I think they are figuring it out with the Switch, but I can see the 3DS support going poorly

User Info: ObtuseAngina

5 months ago#3
It'll probably last longer than the DS and Wii online, if you don't know that Nintendo basically contracted a third party company to host the servers for Wii and DS game that company closed down and so went with it were the servers for Wii and DS online. 3DS, Wii U, and Switch online are handled by them directly so they'll probably keep them going longer.
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User Info: Solibrae

5 months ago#4
There's no need to overreact! Nintendo haven't announced anything about the 3DS's online services being closed. If the Wii Shop can last from 2006 until 2019, I think that at least the 3DS eShop, if not the whole online service for the system will last until about 2021-2022 at the earliest.
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User Info: outworld222

5 months ago#5
Nintendo doesn't get how business works?? Whatever.

Gamespy was shutdown because it wasn't operated by Nintendo. Now the servers are operated by Nintendo.

User Info: Second_Chances

5 months ago#6
in five minutes

User Info: irulethegalaxy

5 months ago#7
DS servers are shut down because Nintendo outsourced them to another company who decided to quit the service.

I'd anticipate the 3DS service will probably stay up for several more years, unless traffic on it dies down to a level that makes it not worth sustaining. Eshop is part of that service, and that means it'll keep running for quite a while.
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User Info: Ilovepeasoup

5 months ago#8
...and it just so happens that I hate pea soup.
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User Info: Andros-2K7

5 months ago#9
Ilovepeasoup posted...

Peas soup a the maddest ting dawg
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User Info: PrettyBoyMarth

5 months ago#10
This is why on one of my 3DS's I just play cartridges and don't bother with online or buying anything. I plan to still be playing my 3DS 5 years from now.
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