Stupid eShop garbage

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User Info: MeteoraXV

4 months ago#1
I was looking to buy Witch & Hero 2 (japanese indie game) from the eShop, it was on sale, it still is actually for one more day, but its page somehow got removed from the eShop website. If I go to the page from the website it says page not found and if I type the title into the eShop search box it doesn't show the game, both this game and the first game actually. When it was all still there just days ago.

On my 3DS itself, the game is actually available in the eShop but since I can't use the PayPal payment option on the 3DS eShop, only card codes and !#$%@$ credit card which I don't have.

Sorry if my post sounds whiny but this frustrates me. The PS Store also has issues I have to deal with and now I come to find the same BS here. I'm still new to the 3DS and I'm tired of dealing with stupid issues like this, it's like these online stores want to deliberately make it so hard for you to spend money and buy games.

EDIT: Oh I'm sorry, ALL the six games I want to purchase suddenly don't have eShop pages anymore

EDIT2: OK, googling the games and going to the pages from Google worked. Thanks garbageeShop search function!

User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 months ago#2
Why didn't you use the sale tab?
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

4 months ago#3
Nintendo has an archaic infrastructure.
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User Info: irulethegalaxy

4 months ago#4
Eshop search function is overly fussy. Often you get better and faster results with partial names than full, because the eshop wants "&" and you typed in "and".
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User Info: MeteoraXV

4 months ago#5
@n00bsaib0t I'm from Europe (the Netherlands more specifically), our eShop website is not as practical as the American one - browsing games isn't as easy and you can't filter and sort by least not that I know. It's hard to navigate this website. Yeah on the 3DS the games appear on the sales page but like I said I can't use PayPal on 3DS.

The problem has been circumvented by just googling the game titles + eshop and clicking the link on the Google search results page actually brings me to the page. So the game pages weren't actually removed from the eShop, but at the same time they actually are...I'm confusing myself here

User Info: MeteoraXV

4 months ago#6
@irulethegalaxy No I just typed witch and it showed me two titles with 'witch' in it, but not the games I was looking for...
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