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User Info: Sarlandogo

4 months ago#1
so is it good having a modded c stick akin to that PSP analog?
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User Info: Inhuman-Art

4 months ago#2
It wears down over time
What I use is the small low profile round rubber dots. They use them for coasters and such. Make sure you get all glue off of them, alcohol works best. Once it's perfectly clean a very, very small dot of gel super glue on the nob, makes it work like a joystick and doesn't scratch the screen like the psp nibs.

Also you can taken it off and there isn't any apparently damage to the original nib.also, it really feels more like a joystick rather than a slider.
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User Info: IvoEska

4 months ago#3
I put the PSP nub in a year ago and have had no issues since then. It works better than the original rubber ever did

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