A few questions before buying a 3DS

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User Info: VivaLaVita

6 months ago#1
Looking for another handheld experience (currently own a Vita)

1. Are there any games that the New 3DS XL can play that the New 2DS XL can't play? I know the new 3DS can play games like Fire Emblem Warriors that the regular 3DS can't but i just want confirmation that the New 2DS XL can play all those games just not in 3D.

2. Any game recommendations for someone who is not really into some of Nintendo's more flagship series? I'm not big on Mario stuff, Smash, Kart etc. I do like Fire Emblem though and i'll likely try Pokemon, the last one i ever played was Sapphire. I like RPGs/JRPGs, Strategy games, games with good stories.

3. I know there is no way to tell at this time but any idea what the Black Friday deals may be concerning the New 3DS/2DS? I'm not sure if it's better to wait for then and try to snag up one in a good deal or buy one used from a trusted seller with a bunch of games.

User Info: Justice98405

6 months ago#2
1 - As far as I know the New 2DS XL's play ALL the same games as a New 3DS XL, just not with 3D effect, as you said

2 - Obviously there are the Fire Emblem games which you mentioned, so you can look into them. Awakenings is a great starting point, especially with it's additions of options to avoid the permadeath if you want to. Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is an early 3DS game and a bit of a hidden gem, real solid SRPG title that is VERY light on the RPG elements. RPG's are plentiful on the 3DS. Shin Megami Tensei IV and it's sequel Apocalypse, as well as some other SMT games, there's some good Dungeon RPG's, the Etrian Odyssey games. I enjoyed Bravely Default's story quite a bit personally, as well as what I've played of Dragon Quest VII so far, and I hear Dragon Quest VIII has arguably an even better story, but I haven't started it myself personally.

3 - Black Friday deals? Who knows, there have been Black Friday deals for 3DS/2DS stuff before, so it's certainly possible, but like you said, there's no way to know. If you can wait, as it's only a little more than a month away, try and wait for Black Friday, best case, you get a sale price, worst case, you get one at normal price and still get a great handheld.
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User Info: lali_puna

6 months ago#3
Monster Hunter Gen/4U
Metal Gear Solid 3D
Splinter Cell 3D
Fantasy Life
Picross 2

User Info: ChojinX

6 months ago#4
Just picked up a 2DSXL. Plays all 3DS games without the 3D. It depends on your preference on if you want the 3D or not. I honestly didn't care for it because it made my head hurt. I think the effect is cool, but if I wasn't going to use it, might as well save the $50. One complaint I constantly see is the battery replacement issue. Apparently it's easier to replace in a 3DS XL.
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User Info: Raccoon1988

6 months ago#5
If you can find n3dsxl for $180 then there is no point of getting n2ds.
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User Info: SaberGenesis

6 months ago#6
If you like RPGs and Strategy games then you should check out these 3DS games-

Xenoblade Chronicles
Shin Megami Tensei 4
Persona Q
Devil Survivor 1 and 2
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