eShop Down?

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User Info: Othoric

4 months ago#1
I have been unable to connect to the eShop for awhile now. The system says I am connected to internet and all other devices on my WiFi are working fine. Is eShop down for anyone else?
PSN ID: Othoric

User Info: DrinkyCrow

4 months ago#2
It was down for awhile for me. But seems to be working now. ( I'm on the east coast)

User Info: Othoric

4 months ago#3
I’m in the Midwest. Just checked and it’s still down for me.
PSN ID: Othoric

User Info: dextorboot

4 months ago#4
I'm in central time zone. It's working on my 3DS and Switch.

User Info: Othoric

4 months ago#5
Oh man... yeah my Switch is working but my 3DS isn’t... I just did a system transfer too. I really hope that didn’t screw up anything.
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User Info: Othoric

4 months ago#6
Finally fixed it! I just had to update my DNS settings. My guess is it had something to do with the system transfer. Thanks to everyone that let me know the eShop was working though!
PSN ID: Othoric
FC: 4313-5759-7305

User Info: Raccoon1988

4 months ago#7
Any publisher sale this week?
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User Info: waterdeepchu

4 months ago#8
022-5548 error. Some connection problem between us and Nintendo. First step, try turning off your 3DS and trying again. 2nd step, check to make sure you can connect using other services (connecting to the global link in a Pokemon game, for instance.) If you can't, then its a different problem.

If you can but you still can't connect to the eShop or the Badge Arcade, unplug your router and modem and plug them back in. Also turn your system off and on for good measure.
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User Info: Inhuman-Art

4 months ago#9
Working fine other than the claw machine badge game isn't charging me. Added 50 to my account to see if it charged. That worked but badge arcade ain't charging
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