Favorite 3ds game?

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User Info: roseybjb

7 months ago#31
so hard to decide my favorite game cause I like all of the pokemon games for 3ds, also I like dragon ball fusions. I only play pokemon or dragon ball, just have not found any other game that I might like yet

User Info: AgentAndrew0

7 months ago#32
green dragon posted...
I assume you mean mario kart 7 since 8 isn't on 3ds.

It's a fun game, better with friends obviously.

8 is fun as well and probably better than 7, but both are fun

I was just saying favorite games in general there, I'll try to stay on topic

User Info: LuigiFan835

7 months ago#33
AgentAndrew0 posted...
How do people addicted to animal crossing. Everyone does, but the trailers don't really make it look like a game that would hook you

This is true but when you play it, you really get hooked
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"Mario and Luigi Paper Jam is better then Paper Mario TTYD" -SeamusOHassey

User Info: Metastase

7 months ago#34
List by general points of interest:

AESTHETICS: Fantasy Life.

GFX: Resident Evil Revelations.

EASY TO PICK UP AND PLAY: One Piece Unlimited World Red.

MUSIC: None, but I admire Fantasy Life sound design due to how unique, slightly goofy and how fitting it is.


STRATEGY: Pokemon X/Y (competitive online of course).

GAMEPLAY: Rune Factory 4.

BEST GAME DESIGN: Rune Factory 4.


List by game genres/game design elements I enjoy:

TURN-BASED RPG (1st person camera games excluded as I hate them): Legend of Legacy, Pokemon X/Y.


RTS: None.


FIGHTING: One Piece Unlimited World Red.

BEAT-EM-UP: One Piece Unlimited World Red.

ARPG (My fav genre): Rune Factory 4.

VIRTUAL LIFE: Rune Factory 4.


DATING SIM: Rune Factory 4.

BULLET-HELL: Rune Factory 4.

TOWN BUILDING: Rune Factory 4.


PET RAISING: Rune Factory 4.

BUSINESS SIM: Rune Factory 4.

"ARCADEY" GAMEPLAY: Rune Factory 4.


FAT LOOT/ITEM DROPS: Rune Factory 4.


UNLOCKABLES: Rune Factory 4.

DIFFICULTY SETTINGS: Rune Factory 4. And no, it's not just your old Easy/Normal/Hard toggle either, it is FAR better than that.

RANDOMIZATION/PROCEDURAL GENERATION: Rune Factory 4. Random dungeons, swords, shields, treasure chests, quests, rewards, shop stocks, mini story events, you name it.

HARDEST EPIC BOSS FIGHTS: Rune Factory 4. Solo Hard Mode Lv.1 FTW, hardest than Dark Souls and Monster Hunter, I assure you.

EASIEST BOSS FIGHTS: Rune Factory 4, because you can toggle to easy mode at any time you want.

EXPLORATION: Rune Factory 4. Takes the best from something like Link's Awakening minus its obtuse parts, then adds some extra plus to it.

OPEN WORLD: Although unlocked in small chunks at a time, Rune Factory 4.

BEST SECRETS TO DISCOVER: Rune Factory 4. Pretty much every other screen hides something exclusive to it, a secret passage, a chance to spawn treasure chests with incredible stuff, a hidden item spot meticulously arranged to give you certain items, etc. On the systemic side of things, we are STILL discovering more stuff on the boards about its Crafting system and how to optimize builds/equipment/items with secret effects/etc even after 5 years.

BEST FAN SERVICE: Rune Factory 4, down to including fanart illustrations in-game and the ability to swap the music to other games in the series.

BEST SIDE ACTIVITIES/MINI-GAMES: Rune Factory 4. Every activity IS a side activity. Every activity is ALSO the main activity. Wonderful game design.

I suppose that overall the clear winner for me is probably Rune Factory 4. lol

User Info: StephenYap3

7 months ago#35
Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Yes, I have Planet Robobot and as amazing that game was, I still prefer Triple Deluxe for being more fresh and having the better Arena modes.
Still waiting for a good Mario Tennis and Paper Mario RPG, Camelot and Intelligent Systems. R.I.P. Miiverse 2012 - 2017.

User Info: Catluver17

7 months ago#36
bigtim777 posted...
partytrev posted...
Tales of the Abyss
Sonic 3 and Knuckles is still and always will be the best game of all time.
The Cat is ALWAYS right. Sonic Mania G.O.A.T of 2017.
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