Poll: Are 3DS games better than Mobile (iOS/Android games)?

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User Info: RekamOiram

6 months ago#31
FranciscoGamer9 posted...
Cloud_Strife_1 posted...
Mobile games are just waiting simulators

I would literally commit suicide if mobile games won this poll.

Thank God.

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Questionmarktarius 6 months ago#32
Physical controls always win.

User Info: nikowwf

6 months ago#33
Endgame posted...
Some are.

Most aren't. Nintendo's first party game quality has been going straight down the toilet since 2004. It's why Super Mario Odyssey is generating unprecedented levels of hype: it's the first GOOD Nintendo game since Super Mario Galaxy. (Kirby is the only first party franchise that's avoided turning into s***, but that's Hal, not Nintendo.) Odyssey represents a return to form for Nintendo. A return to form..... from s*** like the 3DS library which has contained some of the worst Nintendo first party games to date.


Most mobile games cannot compare to games like Fire Emblem Fates, Super Smash Bros, and Super Mario 3D Land

These. You really had to list the worst 3DS has to offer, didn't you? Mobile games can't compare because they can't suck that hard. Mobile games have no expectations to fail. We expect s***, they are s***.

But 3D Land? completely uninspired, soulless, half-assed stage design is not the expectation from mainline Mario. High quality is. (Refer to what I said above about Odyssey being the Mario game we were waiting for.)

Fates..... actually continues the trend of being even worse and more braindead easy than the previous non-remake game that Sacred Stones started. It's still a failure for sinking this low. (And shut up about Conquest. Early Conquest is actually easier than Birthright thanks to Cowmilla's incredibly early join time and Xander is just as gamebreaking as Ryoma.)

And the less said about SSB4 the better. Hackurai needs to be banned from the video game industry.

Nintendo dropped the ball with 3DS games. f***, even the decent Metroid game that just came out was outsourced to a third party studio. The one developed by one of their studios..... was Federation Force. Need I say more?

Because Pokemon Go is miles below an mainline Pokémon game in quality and depth.

Pokémon Go doesn't have the Fifth Generation pokémon yet. Pokémon Go is better by virtue of not having f***ing ice cream pokémon.

This is the stupidest thing i've maybe seen on this board. All you did is bash the nintendo games but you couldn't even, being completely biased and bashing the 3ds games, bring yourself to find better examples of mobile games.

User Info: Cozy

6 months ago#34
Mainly it has to do with the duration of time I have; do I only have to wait for 10 minutes? Sure, then I'll pop up a puzzle game on my phone. Am I taking the bus for 30 minutes? Then I'll whip out my 3DS.

If we're saying "which game experience is more immersive" though, then 3DS is objectively better.

User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#35
My opinion is, as always, the one missing from the poll: I think both suck.

However, the 3DS still has a few very high standard and solid games that mobile will never be able to compete with such as Rune Factory 4 and the main, REAL Pokemon franchise.

While both systems are mainly targeted at casual gamers, 3DS can hold its own for hardcore gamers plus the fact it has physical controls/buttons makes a whole world of difference.

User Info: DiduXD

6 months ago#36
Most 3DS are better then mobile games. An obvious exception is Chibi Robo Photo Finder which is pretty bad.
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User Info: KirbyFan20

6 months ago#37
Don't play mobile games but the last time I did try them, it bored me to tears :/ Last option.
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User Info: lambchips

6 months ago#38
Mobile games are much better, especially on the Japanese side...
Games of Granblue Fantasy and Fate Grand Order are better than the majority of the 3ds library.
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User Info: FranciscoGamer9

6 months ago#39
What about Metroid Samus Returns.....nobody mentioned that :(

That game is amazing, challenging, and leagues superior to ANY mobile game.

Anybody agree?
Love RE4 and the Batman Arkham series.

User Info: ArcFan10000

6 months ago#40
Mobile games suck period.
3DS all the way!
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