Would you go to an amiibo cafe?

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User Info: DClax

6 months ago#1
I'm talking about like, a cafe, but they have amiibos you can use - Results (96 votes)
Yes, and I would pay to use to the amiibos
8.33% (8 votes)
Yes, if using the amiibos was free
39.58% (38 votes)
52.08% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.

User Info: kalvador

6 months ago#2
Would it be possible to burn amiibos?
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

6 months ago#3
kalvador posted...
Would it be possible to burn amiibos?

Anything can burn if you've got enough heat.
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User Info: SSjYagami

6 months ago#4
I don't understand but I guess.
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User Info: iMURDAu

6 months ago#5
I know some games only use an amiibo as an unlock but at least in the case of the Mega Man collection you need to use the amiibo each time to unlock the extra challenges. Plus in the biggest amiibo based game Smash Bros., if you're only going to use an amiibo temporarily then what is the point? To fight an amiibo that a ton of random people trained? That's not going to draw customers to a cafe.

tl;dr - No
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

6 months ago#6
No, that sounds really nerdy.
You're not funny and nobody likes you.
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User Info: itis41269

6 months ago#7
What's an amiibo cafe?

Edit: oh like a coffee shop but they let you use amiibos.

No. Absolutely not. Don't take it personal but that's a horrible idea
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User Info: Verkins

6 months ago#8
Sure if they had Amiibo Tournaments for Smash 4 on weekend.
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User Info: Semeki

6 months ago#9
No. I rather rent 'em from a store or something.
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User Info: CaioNV

6 months ago#10
Don't you have anything better to do?
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