What happened to all the Atlus sales?

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User Info: irulethegalaxy

7 months ago#11
Albinosquid posted...
irulethegalaxy posted...
They just don't go on sale any more, since the new Sega overlords took over. They do seem to have dropped the "Atlus Tax" however--EOV, Alliance Alive, Radiant Historia, and SMT:SJ all are listed at $39.99.

About freaking time.

I honestly never minded it; VERY niche titles with a lot of translating to be done...always seemed like it was a fair price to pay to actually get those titles over here. I do sort of fear that we'll start getting less of these titles as Atlus is beholden to Sega.

Plus, if you were patient you knew there were decent sales to be had 3 months or so after release.
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User Info: creativerealms

7 months ago#12
Sega has done a couple Atlus sales just not as often.
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