For those who have used both: New Nintendo 3DSXL VS New Nintendo 2DSXL

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User Info: themegaman7

6 months ago#1
Which do you prefer. - Results (61 votes)
New Nintendo 3DSXL
44.26% (27 votes)
New Nintendo 2DSXL
24.59% (15 votes)
I have used only one of those but wanted to vote anyway.
24.59% (15 votes)
I haven't used either system.
6.56% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just curious which people like more.
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6 months ago#2
I voted for N2DSXL. I used all 3DS systems and the N2DSXL is my favorite one.
I also prefer the regular N3DS over the N3DSXL.
The 2DS reminds me of the GB and the OG 3DS doesn't feel right because the edges stab in my hands. The 3DSXL removed those edges made the screen bigger so its an improvement on the OG 3DS by far, but still less superior then the New systems.
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User Info: este

5 months ago#3
N2DSXL here as well.
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User Info: I_like_BigButts

5 months ago#4
and I can not lie

User Info: GenerationX-Men

5 months ago#5
New 2DS XL for me.

So much sleeker than the N3DSXL.
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User Info: ScytheXero

5 months ago#6
They both have their ups and downs. The new 2ds xl feels insanely cheap, bad speakers, and a screen that is so reflective that it can take you from the game experience sometimes. What it has going for it is the sleeker and smaller design and light weight. That's about it. The N3DSXL has a BS screen lotto, quality gamble issues with the hinge, dpad, and circle pad, and it's on the heavy side. What it does right is it has a premium feel to it, best quality speakers, optional stable 3D. Personally I got lucky and got a mint well built 3DS XL from eBay a while back before I bought my 2dsxl. My wife took a liking to the 2dsxl...personally the energy saver gives the screen a warmer tint on the OG xl so I just gave her the n2ds and game off this thing with the collection of grips I have for it.
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