Goddamn the 3D is stunning in Metroid : Samus Returns

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User Info: Fatkid-Icarus

7 months ago#1
Just exquisite!

Those who only own a 2DS/N2DS or the inability to play with 3D on are missing out bigtime i tell you!


User Info: Anclation

7 months ago#2
Agreed, the backgrounds look fantastic with 3D enabled.
Yeah... Sorry.

User Info: riboflav

7 months ago#3
Yes, check out Cave Story 3D and Castlevania MOF as well. Their use of 3D is exactly the same and looks just as good.

User Info: BJW1980

7 months ago#4
My life is now complete.

User Info: ObZen46

7 months ago#5
It's a great game
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User Info: randomkid777

7 months ago#6
the 3D is really good... reminds me of the awesome 3D in kid icarus uprising and luigi's mansion dark moon hahaa
i love lamp

User Info: 90sRetroGaming

7 months ago#7
Agreed. Some of the best use of 3D in the 3DS's almost seven year history. Hey, if people wanna miss out on it, oh well. Their loss. I'm referring to those that can actually see 3D, but willingly chose not to use it, btw. I know some people here can't actually see it, in real life, which is unfortunate :/
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User Info: JerickoX

7 months ago#8
How can people not see 3D?
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User Info: Martin Pagan

Martin Pagan
7 months ago#9
JerickoX posted...
How can people not see 3D?

People who only see with one eye, for example. You need both eyes to perceive in 3D.
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User Info: TallTamryu

7 months ago#10
Idk, not sure it's better than what I saw in ALBW. That game with 3D on was pretty awesome.
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  3. Goddamn the 3D is stunning in Metroid : Samus Returns

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