Mario Party Top 100 Sorry $19.99 Should Be It

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User Info: gatsbyy

5 months ago#1
Sorry but this is way overpriced. A new Mario Party maybe a remake but to have a game of just the top 100 minigames $39.99 is way too much. Even a remake of a MP game $29.99 simply because game dynamics change and improve.

User Info: Blayshy

5 months ago#2
This has boards too.
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User Info: Skull_pro

5 months ago#3
So a remake including stuff from an entire series should be 20 bucks?

Damn how cheap can you get?
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User Info: pikachupwnage

5 months ago#4
You do realize it is confirmed to have boards right?

It's not literally just 100 mini games repackaged(I would also like to point out given that these games are from 4 different platforms and 10 different games it probably actually took a fair amount of work to get them all working on 3DS. That is also more mini games than any other Mario Party.

If it was literally just the mini games yeah 19.99$ would be fair.
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User Info: Raccoon1988

5 months ago#5
Increasing number of threads lately about the 3ds game being overpriced.

Well since they manage to sell Miitopia for 40 bucks. Literally a decent mobile game quality and next year or so will be about remake and revamp. Nintendo clearly don't make any effort on the 3ds anymore.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

5 months ago#6
If it had online I may have thought of getting it, but it doesn't so I won't.

User Info: RikashiX

5 months ago#7
Im so excited for this game! I'd say $30 but.. $10 more is not that bad.
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