I feel like the 3DS was the worst console for Pokemon.

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User Info: lorac94

7 months ago#1
After the disappointment of XY, I got completely turned off from playing Pokemon. I remember feeling hyped for 3D movement and 3D modeled Pokemon but the actual game suffered for having diagonal movement (not a big deal), boring world, and most importantly frame drops. After XY, I never bought the Omega remakes, but I did buy Sun and played it for like 8 hours after putting the game down and never looking back.

Part of the charm of past Pokemon games was the 2D sprites. I wish the next game on Switch would go back to using sprites and a sprite overworld like that game on switch Project Octopath Traveler.

User Info: Metastase

7 months ago#2

User Info: Nixemo

7 months ago#3
Out of all the systems that main series entry Pokemon games have been on, 3DS is easy to call the worst. I found X/Y decent, OR/AS a bit better, but couldn't even force myself to finish the slog that was S/M.
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User Info: bigtim777

7 months ago#4
I feel like the 3DS was the worst console for Pokemon.
Though you can play almost all Pokemon games on the 3DS. :P

Or you meant specific the 3DS games being the worst entries.
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User Info: lorac94

7 months ago#5
Yeah, I mean the games specifically for 3DS. I wonder how Switch will handle Pokemon. I think GameFreak had enough trouble as if with hardware stronger than DS.

User Info: themegaman7

7 months ago#6
I think Sun & Moon were really good personally, I wish they toned down the story presentation and railroading, but as it is, it was still fun.

Or/As improved on the originals in just about every way I think, particularly they make the godforsaken water routes more tolerable due to the always on screen map. R/S/E were never exactly my favorites though to begin with.

X/Y though, yeah. That game was bad, the worst main pokemon game easily, well aside from Diamond/Pearl (Which Platinum fixed),
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User Info: bigtim777

7 months ago#7
Ah yes.

Anyway the 3DS entries are the only ones I have never replayed. Any other entry I have played through at least twice.

I think any DS entry > XY = SM >>> OR/AS
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User Info: LuigiFan835

7 months ago#8
I think it's a bit strange to complain about the 3D models in main series games. They had to come eventually.

Despite my constant bashing of XY I actually did think it was an okay game. I really wish they had made a third version or sequels like B2W2. DP weren't very good but Platinum was my favorite Pokemon game, so if fixing DP was possible, then fixing XY should be.

ORAS were good but that's only because the original games were good. My main complaint comes from the fact that they should have made the original versions look objectively inferior like what FRLG and HGSS did. The extra bit of postgame was nice and I loved soaring and finding legendaries, but it was way too easy and didn't include the Battle Frontier (not even the Battle Tower), which is why I think they're about the same level as the original games, instead of much better like the other two remakes.

I actually really liked SM. Had some noticeable flaws like too many cutscenes but I didn't have a problem with most of the game.
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User Info: TheZuperHero

7 months ago#9
bigtim777 posted...
I think any DS entry > XY = SM >>> OR/AS

Imagine not realizing how terrible D/P are.

OT, I disagree. I think GBA is weakest overall if only by virtue of having the fewest games.
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User Info: StephenYap3

7 months ago#10
To each their own. I consider DS the worst for Pokemon games, in my opinion.

I haven't touched Gen 5, but for me, neither of those games had that charm that made me want to get into them. Not to say they're bad, they just didn't have that "buy now" factor that I expected from just about any main Pokemon game. That doesn't mean I will pass them up forever, though.

Then there's Diamond and Pearl, which I personally did not like at all, outside of Cynthia. They barely felt new enough for me, the region wasn't interesting enough for me to care about, the Underground Path was far too overly-expanded and boring, the Poketch felt very tacked-on outside of a few instances such as the Dowsing App and such, and the touch screen was barely used in menus for the sake of conveniency (thank you, HG/SS). I did hear that Platinum fixes most of these issues, but the damage was done for me; I didn't have enough interest to buy it.

Pokemon Trozei was a good idea on paper...but other that that, I didn't like it either.

The only DS games I enjoyed in the Pokemon franchise is HG/SS. It introduced me to Johto rather well and I had an absolute blast with its new features and actual touch screen usage.
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