Xenoblade randomly losing sound?

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User Info: Finn-X

8 months ago#1
I was at Tephra Cave, and I don't really know when it happened, but at some point of me being in that dungeon, the in game sound (like the bgm and voices and stuff) disappeared. I didn't mind at first cause the character's voices were kinda annoying with that funny accent of theirs. Anyway, halfway through the cave, I got into a cutscene and the game completely froze on me... What's more annoying is I didn't save... Is it my 3DS, the game or is it something else?

User Info: elitepeach

8 months ago#2
Well, I can't say for certain, but it just sounds like the game was starting to crash when the sound went out and only went from there. I wouldn't blame your 3DS unless you've had that same problem across multiple games.

It could just be a one time thing. Once I was playing Rune Factory 4 and the right side of the screen dimmed. Loading screens seemed to jerk into place as well. I quickly saved and shut my 3DS off. Everything was normal when I started it up again.

I'm sorry you lost your save data from your last point. Hopefully it won't happen again. If you ever see or hear something different than usual again, you should save and restart.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

8 months ago#3
It's just a glitch. Just save and restart when that happens. I believe you can still skip cutscenes if you do that before the game crashes, but perhaps not always. Anyway, it's not just the sound cutting out, but all kinds of funky stuff can happen. The game will soft-lock when you do a triangle attack and enemy AI will be terrible and they'll only do basic things, but no big moves or anything.

Not sure why you wouldn't save the moment weird stuff starts happening, but now you know. It won't happen all that often and we haven't been able to figure out what exactly triggers it. If it does happen, it's usually not too long after continuing from sleep mode, but it has also happened to people that didn't use sleep mode. I'm assuming that a few things can cause a memory leak, resulting in the glitch. To me it happens about once every 30 or so hours of gameplay, so it's not that bad. Saving the game and restarting can be done rather quickly.

Also a bit of general advice, but remember to save often in just about any game. Especially games that allow you to save quickly. For something like Xenoblade, I'd recommend saving at least every 60 minutes or so, but preferably every 15-30 minutes when you're out questing, exploring or even just try to get through an area.
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