eshop and install sizes

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User Info: pyro_bunta

6 months ago#1
I recently got a 3DS. So I was wondering:

Do you need twice the space of the game's file size to download it? Assuming this works the same way with how digital games work on PC.

Like say if a game is 500 blocks, you'll need 1000 blocks of available space on your 3DS?
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User Info: bungiefan

6 months ago#2
1 block is 128 kilobytes, so 8 blocks is 1 megabyte, and 8192 blocks is a gigabyte. The math isn't hard to do.

Games install as they download, so you only need the free space the game requires, not double. PS3 requires twice the install space because the download has to finish before the package can be installed. 3DS is better designed in that regard.
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