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User Info: Sashanan

6 months ago#21
If we're talking 3DS, I'm still on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - and it may take a while yet - and that's the extent of my backlog right now, so it'll be restocking time. EO5 for certain come release date, probably Ever Oasis around the same time. Couple SNES VC things I'm interested in, big names like Super Metroid and A link to the past that I've never beaten before (and Earthbound which I have). Beyond that, plenty on the wishlist, will have to see what wins out.
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User Info: randomkid777

6 months ago#22
Miitopia and hey pikmin now

I liked demo for MH stories so I think I might buy it. Didn't like past MH games on 3ds but liked how it's less serious
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User Info: kaliskonig

6 months ago#23
I am running through the Dragon Quest series right now. Playing DQ 7 and when I get bored of it I play 9. The much better game.
I also go back to Puzzle & Dragons X and Dragon Ball Fusions when I feel like it.

My Next Pick Up's are:

Mario x Rabbids
Everybody Golf
Monster Hunter Stories
Today is the day: Bomberman, Paper Mario, K.Rool, Wonder Red, and Goku for Smash.

User Info: MuttonBasher

6 months ago#24
Justice98405 posted...
@MuttonBasher, I had a pretty good time with Ever Oasis. Put just over 42 hours into it. Could have been a lot less, but I was grinding and just playing the game at a slower pace. It's solid and way too easy, but I still had a good time with it.

What games is it similar to? I never remember to download the demo when I have my 3DS. Is it like an RPG? How is the combat?
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User Info: RikashiX

6 months ago#25
Tales of the Abyss, had to go out and buy it again. Got a sealed copy of Hey Pikimin..i don't wanna open it yet haha.

My eyes are on Pokemon and Metroid
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User Info: Justice98405

6 months ago#26
@Halladay32, the first one. LOL. I bought it right after release I think. I've played the opening chapter, LOVE the concept and liked what I played, but I just wasn't ready to focus on it at that point, and haven't gotten to it yet. :(

I bought 2 and the 3rd person shooter one as well. So hopefully I'll get back to the first at some point, and I will start over whenever I do, for sure.

@MuttonBasher, it's most similar to the 3D Zelda games, which makes sense as it's the dev that did the 3DS version of OoT and Majora's Mask. It also has a slight Secret of Mana influence in that you can have three in your party at once, and the other two are always controlled by the AI. Also makes sense as the game's director IS the 'Secret of Mana' guy from his time at Squaresoft back in the day.

The game is solid fun. A bit too grindy (though I am SURE you can breeze through it faster than I did) and way too easy as well. But strong art and visual design, solid game overall, cool setting, a NEW IP, which is nice, so yeah, the pluses are way more than the negatives, if you ask me.
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

6 months ago#27
-Grinding Job Points in Bravely Default
-Grinding Abilities in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
-Grinding Tomestones of Creation and Lv60+ Mining Nodes in Final Fantasy XIV

Soon gonna start Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

6 months ago#28
BotW. I'm trying to get into Gerudo town so I can buy lotsa zap arrows to defeat Vah Rutoh. That camel beast suuure is creepy rising above the clouds like it does. I think it might be bigger then Mechanical Jumbo.
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User Info: Talkin_Dreams

6 months ago#29
Mostly Monster Hunter Stories demo (11 hours plus so far) with Hey! Pikmin & Ever Oasis sprinkled inbetween & a bit of FH3 on the XBO.

Monster Hunter Stories & Laytons Mystery Journal are my most anticipated games of the year so definitely those along with:
Metroid: Samus Returns
Pokemon Gold VC
Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
New Kirby 3ds game

Quieter on the XBO front but that fits me quite nicely with my list above. Looking forward to Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Super Lucky's Tale, A Hat in Time & Cuphead.
"The strongest stars have hearts of kyber".
Playing: (3ds) Ever Oasis. (XB1) FH3, SO & MCC

User Info: MuttonBasher

6 months ago#30
Justice98405 posted...
The game is solid fun. [...]

Neat! Thanks for the succinct review. I'm one step closer to buying it.
You found a stardrop! It's strange, but the taste reminds you of Shane. Your maximum energy level has increased.
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