The 'what are you playing now and what's coming up' topic.

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User Info: Justice98405

9 months ago#1
For 3DS I've been trying to work my way through Miitopia. It was AWESOME for the first 10 or so hours, but then something happens in the game that really took the wind out of sails for me personally. But I'm still trying to stay with it and see if I can get through it before Metroid Samus Returns is out next month!

That's the next 3DS game for sure. I do want to get Monster Hunter Stories as well, liked the demo a lot, but Metroid is way more important on my list.

And of course playing Switch the most lately. Splatoon 2! Waiting for Mario/Rabbids Kingdom Battle which I will be buying day one.

The Vita and my Japanese 3DS sit in the wings. They're time will come again, just not sure when. LOL. I've been considering getting back into Danganronpa finally on my Vita, we'll see if that happens anytime soon or not.
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9 months ago#2
I am currently playing Metroid Prime Federation Force which I beated with 91% and all medals except the Blast Ball part. Now I am just helping other players until Metroid Samus Returns comes out and then I will play the heck out of that.
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User Info: Ruka_

9 months ago#3
I think the opposite thing happened to me with Miitopia.
I was enjoying the first stretch of the game but was starting to hope something would come along and shake things up lol.
I'm pretty far in the game now but I started to lose steam, so I picked up an old favorite that I'm replaying. Rune Factory 2.

Looking forward to Monster Hunter Stories as well!
I'm not a big MH fan but I like RPGs and cute graphics so it feels like a good fit for me. :)

User Info: desert_santa

9 months ago#4
Currently playing Agents of Mayhem.
Next up will be Uncharted.

Don't plan to play 3DS until Monster Hunter Stories releases next month. Not too far off now.
It's not about the hardware in your hands, it's the software in your hearts.

User Info: WizardofHoth

9 months ago#5
Not playing right now but I have zelda ocarina game cartridge in my 3 ds

I was playing monster Hunter generations online a day ago though

User Info: Indrasarrow123

9 months ago#6
Pokemon White. I always replay an old game before the next core game releases.

I chose this one because I kinda rushed through black when it first came out because of the situation I was in at that point in my life. Because of this I felt like I didn't really give it a fair shot so I wanted to replay it.

Because of the lack of Info on USUM and the disappointment that was SM I'm not sure if I'll even get USUM now......
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User Info: Kneesock

9 months ago#7
Moero Chronicles

Etrian Odyssey 5

User Info: ObZen46

9 months ago#8
Right now playing through Zelda:ALBW & Mario & Luigi DT.
Next is Metroid SR.
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User Info: MuttonBasher

9 months ago#9
Currently playing ACNL and MH4U. Coming up... nothing. I'm broke. The only recent game that looks appealing is Ever Oasis. It's still on my 'maybe' list when I can afford to buy new games.
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User Info: Justice98405

9 months ago#10
@MuttonBasher, I had a pretty good time with Ever Oasis. Put just over 42 hours into it. Could have been a lot less, but I was grinding and just playing the game at a slower pace. It's solid and way too easy, but I still had a good time with it.
To the mattresses.
3DS code: 2621-3902-1737, PSN (Vita): Justice_98405, Steam: psn_justice_98405, (Diablo III/RoS): Justice#1912.
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