There will be no more 2D Metroid games if Samus Returns does not sell.

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User Info: kilaude

8 months ago#101
Karnage4208238 posted...
that statement right there is one of the things companies say that make me NOT want to get the game and it really pisses me off when companies do say it its not the consumers job to support you its your job to bring out a product the consumers want to buy and everything i have heard about the game makes it look like a game i would never want to touch

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User Info: kaliskonig

8 months ago#103
Well maybe not lock neat features behind Amiibo again? They already tried to force people to buy federation force.
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User Info: kaliskonig

8 months ago#104
Junomaster2006 posted...
It's too bad the idiot Nintendo fantards would blindly give all their $ away. If Nintendo tells them to bend over & shove a knife up thier bum, most of the fanboys would do so without question.

Congrats. You just described super fans of any brand.
Today is the day: Bomberman, Paper Mario, K.Rool, Wonder Red, and Goku for Smash.

User Info: theneovega

8 months ago#105
ediotsavant posted...
theneovega posted...
ediotsavant posted...
How many amiibos do I need to buy to complete late the game?

None. Oh, how many do you need to buy to have access to everything? Still none. You can buy the Amiibos, find a friend that has the Amiibos, get a bunch of people together with the Amiibos, pay someone with the Amiibos the money to buy the game and unlock the BONUS content for you and mail you the game.

Every single game Nintendo has put out with content unlockable with an Amiibo has locked content with Amiibo. This is no different.

You have every right to vote with your dollar, be my guest. Just be consistent.

I don't have any friends that play videogames.

Yeah, me either. I guess the point I was trying to hammer home was that people are acting like these extras are TIED the Amiibo, when even Nintendo has said that as long as the Amiibo just has to be tapped, one can use it to unlock content on as many different copies of said game. The only thing actually tied to the Amiibo is the owner data and the one slot for dynamic content (SSB fighters, etc). So the extra content isn't necessarily behind a pay-wall, just an Amiibo wall.

I had suggested somewhere else to use the internet to plan a gathering of people to help each other unlock content, like how people get together to trade Pokemon. It's not ideal, or even reasonable in less populated areas, but it's another option.

I'm not going to sit here and say Nintendo is completely in the right here, it's certainly frustrating, but there ARE options.
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User Info: Cory898

8 months ago#106
So a minority of people will boycott the game over the amiibos. Big deal. Let them. Their reasons are theirs and I really don't think it will have a huge impact on sales. This game will succeed on whether or not there is sufficient interest in 2D Metroid. This argument raging on for pages upon pages is stupid as the .001 percent that passes on the game for that specific reason will have no impact on anything.

Look to the success of the Wonder Woman movie to see what power a vocal minority really has to impact something. The boycotters will be no more impactful than those who said they'd boycott the movie because one theater was doing a special ladies only screening.
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User Info: Metastase

7 months ago#107
Yes, we won't have any impact at all for now. But you're a fool if you actually believe this discussion is meaningless.

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User Info: BinBinricecake

7 months ago#108
Man, f*** them. That's holding the game ransom and forcing consumers to like it. As much as I dislike the sonic games sega pumps out, I gotta hand it to them. All the bad/ok/mediocre games yet they keep making games despite the odds. And look at them now, they made a pretty good one now.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

7 months ago#109
Zero Mission is possibly my favorite Metroid game. So f*** yes I'm gonna buy Samus Returns, so I can finally experience Metroid 2 without feeling like I'm banging my head against a brick wall.
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User Info: Finn-X

7 months ago#110
Imagine a Super Metroid remake for the Switch!
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