What themes do you own?

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User Info: Nomak-54

9 months ago#1
6 bucks left, tryng to find that good s***. reminder that the Japanese eshop has off the hook themes
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User Info: Cocco

9 months ago#2
Using (translating, so titles may differ) :
Devil survivor 2 record breaker theme
Aa: soj - protagonists
The legend of zelda: infinite world
Substitute to poke I&you
Karakuri pierrot
Fire emblem fates - two kingdoms
Pokemon super mystery dungeon
Xenoblade chronicles 3d - mechanis

Have some other stuff, all are mostly from pre-orders and free codes, but this is what I use

User Info: Finn-X

9 months ago#3
I have the Zelda Anniversary theme and the Majora's Mask theme. That's it.

User Info: Nico87

9 months ago#4
I'm using Pikmin: Working Together on my US N3DS and Pokemon: Look Upon the Stars on my JP N3DS.

User Info: jjtheman523

9 months ago#5
Dragon Quest VII Pre-Order Theme
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User Info: xxdudeyy

9 months ago#6
I have Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden theme. That's like the only dragon ball related theme available.

What is with Nintendo's obsession with Hello Kitty as themes for the 3ds? They release new ones every month!

User Info: GenerationX-Men

9 months ago#7
Kirby 25th Anniversary
Sega Dreamcast
Mega Man Stage Select
Mega Man vs. Dr. Wily
Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Sega HiTech
Sega Mark III
Sega Master System
Sega Saturn
Sega SG10000
Shadow the Hedgehog theme
Sonic 25th Anniversary
Sonic the Hedgehog theme
Sonic Series: 25th Anniversary
Sonic Series: Classic Style
Sonic Series: Shadow Style
Sonic Series: Sonic Style
Star Fox Zero: Space Battle
Super Smash Bros.: Theme 1
Super Smash Bros.: Theme 4
TLoZ: Breath of the Wild
Toy Story
Xenoblade Chronicles: Mechonis

Yeah, I really like the Sega systems and Sonic the Hedgehog themes.
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User Info: GameKing59

9 months ago#8
1.A Luigi Theme.
2.An Azure Striker Gunvolt Theme.
3.A Chibi-Robo Theme.


9 months ago#9
Samus (NES)
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User Info: GeneraLight

9 months ago#10
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