eShop Downloads 8/17/2017

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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
7 months ago#1
Updates at Noon ET

3DS Download
Alchemic Dungeons- $5.00
Chicken Wiggle- $14.99

Switch Retail
Minecraft: Story Mode: The Complete Adventure- $39.99 (out 8/22)

Switch Download
ACA NeoGeo Magician Lord- $7.99
The Jackbox Party Pack- $24.99
The Jackbox Party Pack 2- $24.99
Sky Ride- $7.00

All sales here: (only known at Noon ET)
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User Info: MEFreak1984

7 months ago#2
Magician Lord is pretty fun. May pick that up. And oh yay Minecraft Season 2... *Sarcasm*. Wish telltale would do another series set in the Fables universe, either a prequel or sequel to Wolf Among Us.
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User Info: Darkstorm16

7 months ago#3
Soooo did they end the wiiu virtual consoles? Other than that 2 3ds games and a switch game....Nintendo wants my money still
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User Info: Trevor_Belmont

7 months ago#4
Anyone know what that Sky Ride game for the Switch is I've never heard of it before? I might check out Chicken Wiggle it looks interesting.

User Info: Blayshy

7 months ago#5
Man, what a boring week.
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User Info: shenran

7 months ago#6
nothing good again

User Info: Linkz1

7 months ago#7
Where are the Wii U games? There are more RPGs to get.

User Info: wariude

7 months ago#8
For those that own a Switch, the Jackbox games are a lot of fun.
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User Info: SSjYagami

7 months ago#9

User Info: dextorboot

7 months ago#10
I'll be in for both 3DS games, but probably not until later. I don't think I'll play either right now so may as well wait.
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