Who here plays Mario Maker 3DS?

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User Info: Oliman

8 months ago#1
The lack of online sharing features in Mario Maker 3DS was a big oversight, and I completely understand if this was a dealbreaker that kept some people from buying the game.

However, I highly enjoy the game on its own terms (a companion to the Wii U version). It's fun being able to take my 3DS with me on the train and spend my commute making levels.

Plus, the single player levels are pretty great.
It has an entire Mario game's worth of pre-installed content....AND it gets pretty challenging towards the end.

Anybody else out there enjoy playing Mario Maker on their 3DS?
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User Info: nodnizzle

8 months ago#2
I like to play random levels and I like to build my own. But, the random levels seem to not really cycle through a lot so there are a lot of the same levels and it is getting old. Wish they would update it and let us do more with finding games by their codes or whatever.

User Info: mattchew071

8 months ago#3
The premade stages were great fun while they lasted. I messed around making some stages but without online sharing I haven't touched it in months.
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8 months ago#4
There was a thread on NeoGAF the other day that got my attention for the game, and some research led me to Jeremy Parish's review at USGamer. I was sold, haha. I picked it up and and I've been playing it casually since.

For all the hoopla over a lack of online sharing (deservedly so) it's still a pretty fun single player title. The advanced challenges are tough!
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User Info: MasterFox72

8 months ago#5
Lack of Amiibo killed it for me

User Info: BoccaSerenade

8 months ago#6
I stopped playing too often because I felt like every time I tried to find new stages to play it was always the same ones from the same people. There just wasn't enough variety for me.

It's a very fun game with a lot of potential though. I wish they'd port a version to Switch so I could enjoy it more with all of its features.
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User Info: DiduXD

8 months ago#7
Me. Wish it had Amiibo costumes, online uploading and course searching.
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User Info: Oliman

8 months ago#8
I would even settle for the game having a "transfer to Wii U version" option. Then I could make stages on the go, and then come home to upload them online.
Owner of a 3DS, Vita, PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One
Longtime Kirby, Banjo Kazooie, and Zelda fan.

User Info: SeamusOHassey

8 months ago#9
No online, no buy for me.
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User Info: Illuminoius

8 months ago#10
i wouldn't be surprised if the lack of mystery mushrooms is that they couldn't think of a way to charge you for amiibos in the 3ds version
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