What's your 'My Nintendo' best deal?

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User Info: SSjYagami

7 months ago#11
The entire service is a joke.

User Info: RicewarriorZ

7 months ago#12
The free orbs on FEH, and that's it.

Everything else is hilarious.

User Info: MDS2005

7 months ago#13
TP Picross, Warioware, and the Splatoon theme.

Only decent things on it.
...or whatever.

User Info: TreasureHunterG

7 months ago#14
There were also some GB games available for gold coins. I got Metroid 2 and Super Mario Land 2. I think there was also another game (forgot which one right now) but I didn't think it was worth spending gold coins on.

Things got so bad since then that had I known there would never be any more games available for gold coins, I would have downloaded that since it was better than nothing. Now my gold coins are about to expire and the best I can get are some 3DS themes.
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User Info: Yield2DNuggetry

7 months ago#15
Metroid 2, wario land 3, zelda picross, warioware touch, 40% off Nsmb 2, 30% off DKC:R 3D, and ill redeem th3 Mario Kart dlc, even though i dont have the game (yet).

All in all a pretty decent haul.

User Info: ecco6t9

7 months ago#16
Wario Ware Touched.
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