Best 3DS games (apart from Pokemon)

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User Info: WetPretZel

8 months ago#21
karatekit posted...
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I'm essentially looking for a good lengthy single-player game with a good adventure

I recommend Kid Icarus: Uprising

User Info: MuttonBasher

8 months ago#22
karatekit posted...
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I'm essentially looking for a good lengthy single-player game with a good adventure

If you enjoy boss fights, MH4U. I've played through the single-player story four times and love it -- easily 50 hours of content. There's a demo if you want to try it.
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User Info: DiduXD

8 months ago#23
xxdudeyy posted...
Gamefaqs top ten choices are.

01 Pokemon Sun
02 Pokemon X
03 Animal Crossing: New Leaf
04 Pokemon Omega Ruby
05 Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
06 Monster Hunter Generations
07 Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
08 Pokemon Moon
09 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
10 Miitopia

Pokemon Sun and Moon are practically the same game, as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

8 months ago#24
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Shovel Knight
Rune Factory 4
Kid Icarus Uprising
Chicken Wiggle
Etrian Odyssey IV
Hey Pikmin
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Kirby Planet Robobot
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User Info: --Lyndis--

8 months ago#25
The Fire Emblem series is fantastical.
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User Info: dafter5

8 months ago#26
1.Fire Emblem Series: My recommendation is awakening or fate: birthright to get the basic and
fate:conquest for best gameplay.
2.Bravely default: Good gameplay but a bit f***ed up around the latter half of the game.
3.Shin megami tensei IV and IV apocalypse
4.7 Dragon code VFD
5.Etrian Odyssey Series and Persona Q
6.SMT Devil survivor and SMT Devil survivor 2

User Info: Serp_BAE

8 months ago#27
Don't and I repeat DONT buy 3DS mario maker.
Majoras mask is my favourite game of all time so that
Also ALBW and Ocarina of Time 3D
Try pokemon super mystery dungeon out as well
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User Info: TheReverseFlash

8 months ago#28
Great single player games.

Mario and luigi dream team

Zelda majoras mask (focuses on side content story's slightly shorter than
ocarina but tons of side quests)

Zelda ocarina of time (focuses on story very few side quests)

Mario and luigi super star saga + bowsers minions releases in early october (forgot the date) (it should be pretty good)

These are some of the best single player epics I've ever played (or soon to play as in when superstars release)
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User Info: ColdOne666

8 months ago#29
WizardofHoth posted...
Lord of Magna
Conception II
Stella Glow
Zelda Ocarina
Mario and luigi paper jam
Luigi s Mansion 2 Dark Moon
Final Fantasy Explorers
Dragon Quest 7 and 8

He said good games.
FFX is the best game of all time. The only good Nintendo franchises are Pokemon and Fire Emblem. Comics are for kids.

User Info: Andthenweplay

8 months ago#30
Shin Megami Tensei IV is the finest game on the 3ds hands down, arguably one of the best handheld games i have ever played
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