Digital Copy Transfer - IS IT POSSIBLE?

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User Info: _xPolarBear

7 months ago#1
So, I had this smart idea in mind.
What I want to do is:
Download a Digital Copy.
Copy data from my 3DS SD Card onto another SD Card.
Enter that different SD Card.
Do I now have two different copies of the same game? And can I transfer between the two save files?

I feel like this may corrupt something, so I need confirmation first.

User Info: Cocco

7 months ago#2
You end up having the same data on 2 different SD card, but only your 3DS will be able to read them. Since saves are on the SD card, I think that you can run parallel playthroughs but not sure since I never tried. I'm quite sure that you won't be able to transfer saves from one SD to the other however. The 3ds already allows you to backup save files of digital games so I don't understand what's the point in doing this thing anyway

User Info: Thunderbird8

7 months ago#3
Some games (Smash, Pokemon, Animal Crossing) will not allow you to maintain multiple saves this way, at least I don't think (never tried it).

User Info: MrPerson01

7 months ago#4
In case you didn't know, this game has three save files already.

Also, it might be possible for you to do this. We will not know until the game comes out.

User Info: bungiefan

7 months ago#5
The Nintendo 3DS folder contains all your digital games and saves. As long as you keep all of the contents together, you can copy the files to another card to use that card instead. However, that data is locked to that specific 3DS with encryption. There's little point in juggling multiple SD cards, because some of the data is stored in NAND on the motherboard instead of on the SD card, which can cause issues when you juggle multiple cards.
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