help me decide: conquest or awakening?

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User Info: Salocool

7 months ago#11
luka-p posted...
so awakening is definitley the better way to go, and is a better overall game compared to conquest??

Here we go, I called it.

Awakening is an horrid piece of game design in terms of mechanics, but some kids adore it because they can grind as they want, as high stats are somehow more valued in their mind than a challenging and entertaining level design. Go figure. Hey mommy, look at my large, flashy numbers. Much fun
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User Info: bigtim777

7 months ago#12
The script/story is bad in all Awakening/Fates.

Fates wins because it has the better lore / characters / gameplay / maps and enemy AI.
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User Info: Jack_the_monke7

7 months ago#13
Don't listen to trolls, they're both great games.

Fire Emblem never used to allow for grinding. Now they do like every other RPG out there, but somehow a bunch of self-proclaimed "old-school" fans can't get over it and hate on the new games. Like with any RPG, you can grind and make them easier, or, like with any RPG, you can just not do that.

As far as Awakening vs Conquest? I think Awakening has the stronger story. When it comes to Conquest it's hard for me to separate it from Birthright/Revelation/DLC because they all come together to really make the story of Fates. Conquest on its own is more challenging and actually doesn't allow for grinding without DLC.

All in all the games aren't all that different. Awakening has the better story and is probably a better entry point, but Conquest has slightly better gameplay and has just as likable a cast of characters. I'd just go with whichever premise seems more appealing to you.
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User Info: BlueBoy675

7 months ago#14
Fire Emblem DID have grinding in the form of arenas. Arenas were high risk/high reward as you could die which would mean restarting the chapter if you wanted the character back. It was a way of implementing grinding while keeping a challenge. The Tellius games also had bonus exp which you got for fulfilling certain objectives. You could then use that to get a few free levels on some units. Once again, you had to work for it and earn it.

The grinding in the newer games is just mind numbing.
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User Info: luka-p

7 months ago#15
thank you guys for the replies! i think i'll buy awakening, as it seems more of a standalone game compared to conquest. (but on a side note maybe i'll end up buying both lol)
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