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  3. Am I the only one think Pokemon Sun and Moon are terrible?

User Info: Adam_Ace

1 year ago#61
Then there's the small matter of the rival, not Gladion I thought he was fine enough. He had a personal stake in the main plot of the game and actually grows to be a respectable characters thanks to his motives.

I'm talking about Hau because I don't think I've ever seen a more invasive character in the entire franchise. Usually in Pokemon games the distinction between a player and rival is a point of adversity or conflict but this isn't the case with Hau. You beat this little bastard at the start of the game and every moment thereafter this little wanker invites himself along the players journey like he was ever invited or has any stake whatsoever in the story. It's implied throughout the game he has a massive inferiority complex but rather than confiding in people like his own f***ing grandfather he projects every sense of that inferiority onto the main player becoming dependent on them and their own journey for his own character development.

Put it like this, if you ever did that to a real human in the way this little f***er does - you would be hit with a restraining order. Honestly by the time this game ended I literally wanted him to kill himself because unlike Wally who respects the players space enough to actually ask when the player feels ready and works on his strength in his own space, Hau does not do this. He is a stalker, a f***ing stalker through and through.
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User Info: SSjYagami

1 year ago#62
Pokemon hasn't been great since Crystal, good since Emerald, decent since Platinum, nor playable since B&W. The series is bad now, pretty much. An MMO RPG is necessary to revive it.

User Info: strider_123

1 year ago#63
I agree, worst pokemon game, the first pokemon game i didn't finish.
Problems with moon:
- New pokemon rarely appear/ small encounter rate
- Not many new pokemon worthwhile
- Trials are boring
- Trainers never have more then 3 pokemon/ too easy
- Region is dull
- Linear and bad story
- Not much to explore

needless to say, I'm definitely not getting ultra
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User Info: Metastase

1 year ago#64
No, they are not bad games. But yes, they are probably the worst Pokemon games in the main series.

I'm not sad though.

When they started dumbing down mapping/level design in Gen V it was only a matter of time before it would reach extreme linearity syndrome like most modern games that aren't open world. This of course has killed EXPLORATION.

After the brilliant BW2 there hasn't been any semblance of a decent post-game neither. So there is no reason to build your team in-game anymore aside from multplayer, at which point...

one should simply use Pokemon Showdown for competitive play instead of wasting a lot of time in-game.

It has been a good ride though. HG/SS and BW2 post-games will always be there and the modding community made both games the ultimate experiences already. In time, I'm sure they'll do the same with the 3DS games so we WILL get decent versions of these games whether Nintendo wants it or not.
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  3. Am I the only one think Pokemon Sun and Moon are terrible?
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