New Nintendo 2DS XL is so tempting

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User Info: arrrdunla

7 months ago#1
I am trying to resist buying one as I really don't need another 3ds. But the recent videos/reviews are really not helping. It is almost the same size as the regular new nintendo 3ds but with the screen size of an XL. This made it so desirable. Should I get this or another Switch? Anyone in the same boat?

User Info: nowshining

7 months ago#2
Already Pre Ordered from Walmart, and Paid off.
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User Info: arrrdunla

7 months ago#3
nowshining posted...
Already Pre Ordered from Walmart, and Paid off.

Do you already have a 3DS? Switch?
What made you buy one? Just curious.

User Info: IrateGameFAQer

7 months ago#4
I'm getting one...have an OG 3DS, 3DS XL, N3DS XL and a switch.

getting a N2DS XL b/c the right d-pad is not as responsive anymore and I never liked 3D and it looks better than the original tablet 2DS
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User Info: Finn-X

7 months ago#5
lol what's so tempting about that low quality poorly built poor mans sorry excuse for a 3ds?

Two words: Dual TN

User Info: Midyew5959

7 months ago#6
I kind of want one. I'm still using an original 3DS and never use the 3D. Never. I as initially interested in the 2DS when it first came out but I didn't like the fact it didn't fold shut.

This new model though has me thinking it's time to upgrade.
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User Info: zxxcman

7 months ago#7
I'm probably getting one or two (birthday gift for someone) in late August/early September, assuming they don't run out of stock in a single month.

My old 3DS xl is kinda too beaten up for my taste.
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User Info: irulethegalaxy

7 months ago#8
I have mine preordered; just counting down the days. Excited to have the larger screens combined with a much lighter weight than the XL. Since I never use the 3DS, this system should be nearly ideal for me.

(It'd be perfect if we could have some other color options. Black and turquoise is okay, but black with hot pink would have been awesome. Or, if the region lock wasn't a thing I would have bought the metal slime version from Japan in a heartbeat. Sigh)
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User Info: astutecollie

7 months ago#9
You already own a 3DS, but want to get a 2DS?

I cant even...

User Info: Megamushroom666

7 months ago#10
Get a Switch instead. - NNID/PSN: GRINDIN120
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